• Nah just his nugget.

        • Mr BBF. Probably his little french frie

      • He treated himself to her fillet o' fish

      • Slugg, you'll never know until it's too late these days mate lol


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          • Ru Paul would kickstart the 'lil tart

    • Given your age McLovin, I assume they were Lego numbers and you were asking what comes after 3.......

      McLovin with his new girlfriend, pick which one is McLovin


      • Good morning poppa.  who is that lovely lady 

        • There both a bit up market for you Chiefy.......that said beggars can't be is some light reading chiefy to help you on your way!!!.............. Its called the book on understanding you can see this bloke is getting a head job under the table as he reads it!


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