Quick improvement in 2025

I'm not sure some of you realise how horribly coached this team has been - in particular the last couple of seasons but in my opinion we've underachieved since 2018. 
Some people have been living in absolute denial or forgotten what a well coached team looks like .  Yes there are issues with the roster , but this is the roster BA wanted . It's power forward heavy and we rely less on our outside backs than any other team . Whilst the game moved to guys with leg speed and athletes doing yardage work out of the back field ,  we neglected our backs and kept buying forwards.  Add to This : 

- We've never had a solid defensive structure . It's struggled on the edges , at marker and that's been obvious but we also miss a shit tonne of tackles . Going into this season the absolute priority of our squad should've been developing a solid structure where every player knew their role . We went from conceding 24 a game to 30 a game  off the back of the longest pre season out of any club. Ciraldo has developed a solid system in 18 months . BA didn't in 11 years .  BA had the luxury of a bloke who can start opposition sets on their 10 off his boot and we're still leaking 30 a game . 

- BAs been throwing in rookies who aren't prepared or ready for NRL. He used to be super  conservative with brining kids in .. then he bought in Jake and friends and started chucking in blokes who were unprepared left and right . As opposed to developing guys and giving them jobs to do in first grade , he uses first grade as the job experience. 

- Whilst still on Jake .. BA couldn't separate the job from his emotion. Crying like a blubbering mess when Jake scored on debut while a touching father and son moment what other coach does this ? BA has said a tonne of times since he was flicked debuting Jake was one of the biggest highlights of his 11 years .  It may be nice for him to debut his unready , untalented son .. but he lost the ability to do his job first and managed to convict himself playing Jake at 7 , Mitch at 6 and DB at centre was a worthwhile option . When that backfired he decided to try make him a super sub in a run to a GF. 

- his use of interchange has cost us games . Flogging guys till the tank is completely empty and leaving them on the field too long has wore our middles down over the season . His response ' we pay them the big money to they need to stay on the field ''... completely stupid. 

- he let his personal feelings towards players stop him picking our strongest side . 

- Youngsters in our team have been getting worse by the season and having trouble staying 'in' games . Dylan Brown has been coached 'just to run the football'' when you need at 900k half to be more. 

-  We've never developed a culture where our effort and professionalism were non negotiables . We had huge ups and downs within seasons and cost ourselves top 4 finishes. 

- the complete disconnect between the side and the fans / media . We have absolutely slipped miles behind the rest of the league when it comes to this .

Need we go on . My point is a new coach was an absolute must . Whether Ryles is the right appointment or not we won't know until we see what he brings to the side but we've given ourselves a chance to get out of the Desd set stone ages in NRL coaching and really modernise what we're doing  with a guy who can evaluate our roster fairly and to the standards of the modern game . BA had the absolute luxury of having an international front row , representiitive halves and stability in the roster . We were miles ahead of most other clubs with our roster  but I feel we didn't get to where we could've . Not so much in terms of making a GF but the style we played , our defence especially .. was never really amosntt the elite of the competition . 

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  • 👍

    I maintained for a long time he was a sweet talker. That's the only reason I can give as to why someone so stubborn and conservative remained in the job that long. The unwillingness and/or inability to adapt to the changing environment is the death knell of any business.

  • Well said. Just fix our defence and we are in the top 8.

  • More lateral agility in the middle helps our edges.

    Win more contact situations in the tackle slowing the ruck helps the edges.

    From what I'm told this is right up there in Ryles strengths in his coaching resume.

    Thats a win for the Eels with the new coach addressing a real weakness.

    Adjusting the deck chairs in the back 5 potentially adding one more outside back outside of Lomax could help immensely.

    These are the 2 areas I'd target first up as a coach prioritise the worst weaknesses on this team right now and hit them hard.

    Understand as a new coach we are going to take some lumps on the way but improvement in the mentioned helps us long term.

    • The agile middles is something that is even been a big focus in the juniors. The eels flegg highlgihts start at 1:46


      The prospects from here that are pushing for cup are 1(Twiddle), 2(Alameddine), 7(Lynn), 8 (Tuivita), 13 (Pryke). You would have heard me talk about them a lot recently. Twiddle, Lynn and Pryke are 19/20 years old. Alameddine and Tuivita are 18/19 years old.

      The forward pack in that team is the biggest strength. 

      Jersey Flegg Cup Highlights | Round 18
      Catch up on all the four-pointers from Round 18 of the Jersey Flegg Cup.
      • Tell you what just watching the quick highlight package of that Eels Flegg side one thing I noticed is there speed size and athleticism.

        The 7 plays very straight and square which basically creates the space outside much like DB does.Seeing that if we can see some transference of talent up to the next few levels in the club there's something to be excited about here.

        • Yep and the other isssue has been our talent because poached by rivals. So hopefully the club have changed their process and resign our juniors earlier 

      • Thanks for your valuable update!

  • BA long tenure at the club will have people divided, some will say he did a admirable job under difficult circumstances ie the salary cap drama, built a team that a GF But even the teams that that made the finals were not too far from a  flogging or getting exposed defensively -  BA ran with an  old school game plan for all occasions and opposition, yes players improved individually but tactically BA lead teams lacked attention to detail especially in defence.hopefully the next group of kids get a footy education supported by the senior players, I'm confident the club is heading in the right direction.

    • Don't forget just about every player that played for him over that given period of success improved.We are talking taking discards from other clubs taking ex convicts and turning them into every week nrl SoO and international players.All while the club wasn't developing players to help his cause.

      Tactically yes he was no trend setter but he got the most out of how he wanted the team to play.

      • Agree like you can't deny the individual improvement under BA, example of that Gutho, Cartwright the list goes  on and  especially Moses although its taken while he's now playing elite brand of footy. 

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