Potential Squad 2022

Potential Signings 2022

  • Mitch Rein- Decent backup
  • Jackson Ferris- Touted as a prospect centre for Cronulla. Noticed that he was off contract could be a great signing for us considering the lack of backs in our squad.
  • Christian Crichton- Could be a good backup for us. Still remember his intercept against Melbourne, has potential.
  • Micheal Chee-Kam- Noticed no one has picked Chee-Kam up as of yet. Could be a great signing for us if BA can get him to play to his potential. Can cover the centres also.


  • Will Smith
  • Nathaniel Roache
  • Ray Stone

Top 30 Squad 2022

  1. Jake Arthur
  2. Waqa Blake
  3. Dylan Brown
  4. Nathan Brown
  5. Reagan Campbell-Gillard
  6. Bryce Cartwright
  7. Christian Crichtion
  8. Micheal Chee-Kam
  9. Haze Dunster
  10. Jackson Ferris
  11. Clint Gutherson
  12. Wiremu Greig
  13. Keegan Hipgrave
  14. David Hollis
  15. Oregon Kaufusi
  16. Shaun Lane
  17. Reed Mahoney
  18. Ryan Matterson
  19. Mitchell Moses
  20. Marata Niukore
  21. Tom Opacic
  22. Isaiah Papali'i
  23. Junior Paulo
  24. Will Penisini
  25. Hayze Perham
  26. Mitch Rein
  27. Ky Rodwell
  28. Maika Sivo
  29. Ray Stone
  30. Will Smith

Development Players:

  • Nathaniel Roache
  • Samuel Loizou
  • Solomone Naiduki
  • Sean Russell

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  • Wouldnt be upset if BA took a gamble on Curtis Scott, 

    • Fair shout Wizard. Don't mind that idea at all, a last chance contract might wake him up.

  • Sean Russell will be a top 30 player. 

    • Yes he will Avenger, I'm excited about him.

  • Mahoney to the Redcliff dolphins 

    • In hindsight letting Lussick go may have been a huge mistake. He's only young still and showed he can certainly play at NRL level.  

      • He's likely going to be the starter at St Helens with James Roby retiring. We can't offer him that. I'd be very surprised if we don't upgrade and retain Mahoney.

        • At least we know he's a viable option to bring back if Mahoney pisses off back to QLD   Tbh if Mahoney get a bad case of the Guthos at the negotiating table I'd have Lussick back here before Mahoney can start growing his second head and sending his sister love letters . 

          • Mahoney will definitely stay. The whole family are Parra supporters through and through, the only way I see him leaving is if we lowball him.

            • Depends on what he believes is a lowball I guess. His lowball and our lowball could be totally different numbers . Especially if he believes the hype being generated about his ability with this new team coming in.  

              He may think a player who's yet to play Origin , and is only the 5th or 6th best player in his position is worth to us the same amount as he's worth to a new team desperate to sign anyone who can catch and pass a ball well. The thing is given what we saw from Lussick this year , Mahoney isn't that difficult to replace. 

              intresting stats actually 


              Lussick started 7 games this year 

              won 4 ( including the Melbourne Storm upset ) 

              lost 3 , 2 of them to the premiers ( 1 by the Moses missed kick on the buzzer) and the other Penrith game do you really count it as we fielded a depleted team purposely . 

              not bad for a bloke who was probably on jobseeker money. 

This reply was deleted.

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