• 1...3yrs too late SACK

    2... perfect time for Bennett 2022 with Flanagan as assistant to come in 2023

    • This above is the only way forward. Good thinking 99 Mr Analyst.


    • Agree Bazza 

    • Can't agree anymore Analyst, I was vocal on here years ago regarding Arthur and kept getting shut down by some on here.

      Arthur has done a very good job but it seems he has taken us as far as he can.

  • I'm going 



    • What are you? A parrot? You already said who your going for in ur blog. Oh btw good to see u sticking solid tipping the roosters last night. Typical.

      • Yep, tip with the head not the heart bazza. 

    • Thats more than two words Chef. You broke your own blog rules. Give yourself an uppercut.


  • Sacked 

    Won’t be Bennett, Bellamy or Robinson. Always thought Toovey but Neil Henry may be a good option. We will have choices, sought after job in my view.

This reply was deleted.

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