Please explain

Let me ask a question a players has a  market value of 1000.00 example  but he goes to roosters and he get paid 900.00 because he wants to be part of winning club. What value will the roosters declare in salary cap $900 or 1000.00 either way isn't the salary cap breach ?  I remmember izzy wanted to play for parra but because he wanted to play for less his market value this was taken into account and nrl didn't accept the offer .why do the roosters sign sbw for less than his market value? Everyone can see this is unfair play what are everyone thoughts


Apologise if everyone is sick of hearing about this . Please just clarify for me 

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  • If he's playing for roosters he is worth 300k on the salary cap regardless what he actually receives. 

    • But his market value is more than that right .

  • First of all, there is no such thing as “market value” market value is subjective.

    Secondly if the Roosters are paying the player $900 then that is the cap hit, not some mythical value.

    Thirdly in the SBW case, the Roosters are paying him somewhere between 150-200k to play the last 4 weeks of the regular season, that is the figure that counts against the cap. 


    • So they are not breaching the cap then .

      • Officially no. 

        • So if the Broncos can't make the finals and Fafita is heading to the Titans in Nov.

          say he's on $500k currently. Can he ask for an early release from the last 2 games of the season and we'll pay him $39k to play those games plus the finals?

          paying players for a hand full of games when others have to sign for a minimum 12months is the issue I have with this new version of the rules.

          • Theoretically yes they could do that, the Warriors released Blake Green to the Knights this week, assuming the Broncos would release him, but they have no incentive to do so.

            The SBW case is different because he is coming back into the league as opposed to transferring between clubs.

            That being said, I do think that there should be a cutoff at June 30, (in normal non COVID years) for all roster changes.

            It's also why I'm in favour of clubs being able to trade players. The Broncos could trade David Fifita to the Titans for say Tyrone Roberts, the Titans could trade Jai Arrow to the Bunnies for Alex Johnstone and play him at fullback.

            The Titans get Fifita whom they're getting anyway, the Bunnies get Arrow, whom they're getting anyway, the Broncos get an experienced, capable half in Ty Roberts, and cap relief & the Alex Johnstone gets to play fullback at the Titans.

            • There is still a cut off date.

              June 30 deadline has been pushed back to some date in August. I thought it was August 2nd but must be another date very soon.

              Some rider that's not possible after the amended June 30 date.

              • The cut off is 3rd August. 

              • I'm not happy that a team like the roosters who have been struck down with injury, get to bring in a decent player to help and only have to put up a contract for the remainder of the year. A figure no other team gets to do because they would normally have to add a minimum 12 month contract to their cap.


                again, I go back to the lack of consistency and transparency which has been an NRL trademark for years now, no matter who is in the seat.

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