• BA likes money too much to get fined 

    • Get Kyrgios to do it then.

  • Has our coach ever blown up in a presser??? He's a weak as piss.

  • Someone needs to stand up for the club and the players - won’t be him

  • Do we have a coach ?

    • We have a Minibus.

  • BA missed a opportunity, perfect time to give Klien a huge spray in the hope he doesnt ref another eels game

  • BA wins the spoon and signs another million a year contract. If I were him I'd be laughing all the way to the bank. Not bad money for no success. 

  • Bunch of fools. Kline was fine. He even sent the broncs hooker off for 10 which was over kill. His only error was the no try to Fergo. But we should of scored when they were one down. You blokes just make things up.

    • Spot on Nick, we win more than we lose with Klein....we could argue for ever over some calls but the Bronc's were not lucky to win, even though you could argue we were unlucky in places.

      Personally I didn't think the Broncs hooker deserved the 10 minutes, and Brisbane rose to the situation very well.

      With regard to Dick De Vere's comments re million dollar contract etc....the people who know BA will tell you he has a very moderate approach to money and he was on 650k before the last renewal, and I can't imagine him getting a pay increase after the 2018 season.

      I was pretty happy with that game last night, we would have won with Nathan Brown IMO and the call out to our forward weakness is real and was the reason I thought we might have got hammered.

      Kane Evans continues to surprise and impress me.

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