The Eels have snatched a promising halfback from the Dragons who they believe will develop into the heir apparent for Mitchell Moses' number seven jumper in coming years.

Dantoray Lui, a 19-year-old from Cairns, was a standout in the Flegg Cup for the Dragons this year after a brief stint with Cronulla in 2019.

Both seasons were shortened by COVID - but Lui showed enough to earn approaches from several rival clubs.


In the end, he chose the Eels, who offered him the best pathway to the top grade.

The former Queensland under-19 halfback is expected to play in the NSW Cup next season before moving into the NRL squad in 2023."},{"size":{"width":256},"src":""},{"size":{"width":268},"src":""},{"size":{"width":342},"src":""},{"size":{"width":512},"src":""},{"size":{"width":700},"src":""},{"size":{"width":1024},"src":""},{"size":{"width":1440},"src":""},{"size":{"width":1920},"src":""}]" data-aspect="null" data-orig-url="" data-loaded-x="700" />Mitch Moses. (Nine)

Moses turned 27 recently and still has several good years at the top ahead of him.

But when he was missing from the top side last season, the Eels struggled for direction and Lui, a crafty halfback with plenty of pace, will hopefully fix that problem in coming seasons.


NRL news | The Mole | Parramatta signs Dantoray Lui as heir apparent to Mi Moses (

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  • I don't know if he's the "heir apparent". Moses is 27. This dude is 19. So let's say the development timeline for him is three years, even then Moses is only 30. For a halfback, that's not that old these days. Perhaps he's an option instead of Jake Arthur, or viewed as putting pressure on Dylan Brown.

    • I would take it as an "insurance policy" if Jake doesn't progress and also a fall back option if Brown heads off elsewhere.

      I think most "good" clubs would call it succession planning.


      • But but but, BA is fast tracking JA isn't he??? This signing makes some people look a little silly does it not?

        • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Watch the conspiracy theorists hide now.

          • This reply was deleted.
            • Ooffftt!!! Lol u funny lols Eelrocker..Solid burn.


            • has your tin foil hat crumbled Rocker.

            • This reply was deleted.
              • Hopefully not your Third eye.

                Your knock the poor bloke out if your drop that on him

        • How sweet it is. Stick it to em Brissy.

        • This reply was deleted.
        • conspiracy theorists believe that to be the case....

This reply was deleted.

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