• Funny u say brown saw on tigers forum couple weeks ago this being mentioned. Hope not.

  • It was rumored they wanted Kane Evans as a swap before matterson signed. I wonder if it could be Alvaro or Terepo or possibly a young gun?? 

    • We just sent Alvaro to Brisbane as the Eel's team representative for the announcement of Magic Round ticket sales.  Can't imagine they'd send him if he was going.

      Still, I'm calling BS on any swap. They might still have signed a young prop who hasn't been re-signed with the Eels yet from the development squad.


      • lol look at the photo again.. This is from last year... 

        • He did actually do that tho he just posted an old pic lol

      • That photo is for the 2019 season that hadn't begun. 

        • True. Wrong pic, but the point remains. 3709384683?profile=RESIZE_930x

        • That pic had me tossed for a little while. I could not understand why a spoused up Jimmy Malony was doing there. He was supposed to be drinking warm beer and eating cold pies in England! The real picture is interesting, Nathan Cleary, the coach`s son gets the junket trip to Brisbane. There have been whispers that he will be made captain this year. So, nepotism is alive and well in the wild west

  • Brown is the rumour on Twitter but you’d think any player swap would have already been finalised at the same time Matterson was announced.

    Im calling BS.

    • Surely not brown he's the last player we want to lose 

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