Our NSW Players..

Nathan Brown, RCG, Jnr P, n The King our our SOO players, do you see all 4 players making the 17 ? who makes the side ? who makes the 13 ? who misses out ?

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  • I think Junior will come off the bench with his skills around tired defenders he will shine. RCG will start as he runs hard and straight. Gutho will be 14. I doubt Brown will play with all the good locks going around. He may get a game later in the series 

  • I am looking forward to seeing how our players fit in a different type of structure and how Fitler uses them. I would like to see how Gutho fits into a centre role and if Paulo gets some good offloads off to set up some creative second phase ball movements. It will make SOS well worth watching for me.

  • When was the last time Parra had 4 players in origin camp?

    Good stuff.

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