A man has been charged after he allegedly intimidated and harassed people at Bondi Beach, before entering the water and evaded police for two hours.

Police were involved in a bizarre arrest after a man waded into the ocean off Bondi Beach.

Officers were involved in a two-hour stand-off before he was eventually apprehended in the water by two men and brought to shore.

It is alleged the Woollahra man, 38, had been intimidating beachgoers.

About 2.30pm on Thursday, Eastern Suburbs Police officers were called to Bondi Beach following reports a man had been approaching multiple women and allegedly acting in a harassing and sexually-inappropriate way towards them.

When police approached the man to speak with him, he entered the water, where he stayed for two hours.


Bondi Lifeguards, an off-duty officer, Pol Air and Water Police worked together to apprehend the man in the water on the southern side of Bondi Beach.

A video posted to Facebook shows the 38-year-old sitting on a rock on the southern side of the beach about 50 metres from the shore.

A jetski drops off two men nearby. They grab the man and escort him to the beach.

The men are seen struggling on the rocks as they bring the man to shore.


He is then handcuffed by officers who walk him up the beach.

He was charged with resist or hinder police officer in the execution of duty, and stalk and intimidate or intend to fear.

He was granted conditional bail and will appear and Waverley Local Court on March 3.

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  • That is Snake, off his meds.

    It cost Fongy $3000 bail

  • They let me out on bail but spent a night in Bondi cop shop.

    I was treated poorly and am innocemt of all charges, for rthe record.

    • You been lying to the cops about your age again fella ?

      38 my ass !!!!

      • Who is this 30 you speak of, Brett?

        Think about it...


        • Thought about it, still don't get it

          • 30




            • Ah !

              I stand by the comment

      • Thats what my ID says Brett.

    • Snake as soon as in read this article I knew it was you , since you were banned from walking your dog in your own neighbourhood of surry hills you have been a frequent visitor in the Bondi area .

This reply was deleted.

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