• This means Simonsson and Penisini starting centres

    • They got us into a grand final.

    • I think that combo with Harper as back up is good enough to win a lot of games in the NRL. However we need to pair them with elitw Wingers. 

      Fox is perfect amd we have space for him financially.

  • It is only talk since Wests have put their focus on getting Luai, so negotiations with Olam have taken a back seat. Once they either get Luai or he says he ain't going they will go back to Olam.

  • He failed the physical, lowball price offered. As I've stated before the only reason Bellamy is moving him on is because he is cooked. 

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Angry Eel replied to Krispy's discussion Bevan French our missing X Factor
"If he has been defending a 6, surely his defence at fullback would have improved than?  Tbh I can't really comment on his defence because I don't watch much SL. French didn't just have 1 decent trial against Penrith, he's been killing it in SL from…"
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Alan Hunt replied to LB's discussion Most impressive and disappointing: Trial week 2 v Gold Coast
"Lussick is a deadset plodder, there is a reason he's played most of his career in England.  We look a much better side with Hands out there.  That said they are both keeping the spot warm for the 73kg garden Gnome Sprog Jr."
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