Do we have the same recruitment and retention committee for NRLW as we do for NRL or is it totally different ?  Because wow wee what an absolute failure. 
They won 1? I  believe game last regular season  before  miraculously making the Grand Final due to the weird setup of the season and 1 regular season game in a 9 week comp this season... but they are so far off the pace it's embarrassing . 
They're going to finish close to -200 F/A in a 9week comp with 4 expansion sides . The side isn't even close to being competitive and is an embarrassment to the comp. 
Their best player most weeks I've seen is the 18 year old centre. There's 2 or 3 players that are quality but the rest of the roster is a complete shambles. 

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  • You gotta have the talent to compete and the Eels women's team does not. 
    It looks like the club has tried to find every hopeful and over the hill player around and thrown them together hoping to get them to compete at a certain level. 
    Everyone gets a footy jumper ! 
    At a time when the women's game is struggling for a share of the marketplace, hard questions should be asked of the Eels as to why they are so far off the pace because they weren't just beaten , they were smashed in most games. 
    You are trying to sell the game as a professional product and the Eels recruit players just to satisfy the licence! 

    • The reason is in part because we don't have a NSW Cup team. We're the only NRLW club without a 2nd tier team. 

  • The addition of several teams and the others stole all but 3 of our squad from last year. We recruited 3 current NRLW players including the PNG he-woman from St George and the rest are playing for a tofu pie and coke per game.

    The only people who care are those involved in the competition.


    • The clubs recognise the potential in both fan numbers and corporate opportunities with the tidal wave of participation and interest in the women's game. 
      Other clubs have invested heavily in this space but the Eels , as per normal, have adopted a moneyball threadbare response. 
      We have record participation in the women's game in the Parramatta District but we were absolutely miles off the pace this year in basic skills and application. 
      Most of the Eels players shouldn't be anywhere near the NRLW competition. 

  • Recruitment was shocking. The team each of the last 3 years looks completely different every year. We let gun players like Penitani and Taufa go

    • Penitani was signed to a 2 year deal, but because we don't have a NSW Cup team, she sighed a NSW Cup contract with the Sharks, and then she enjoyed it so much she requested a release from her NRLW contract to sign an NRLW contract with the Sharks. 
      Simone Taufa was another casualty of no NSW Cup team, she signed with the Raiders, but it was conditional that she signed and played with Mounties in the NSW Cup. 
      In fact, most of our girls play NSW Cup with the Bulldogs, including the Cherrington sisters, Abbie Church, Mahalia Murphy, Gayle Broughton (when she was an Eel last year), and a bunch others. 
      You can bet when the Dogs get their NRLW license those girls will go the Dogs as well. 

      • Who's fault is that?

        • The club obviously, I wasn't defending the club, just stating facts. The blog questioned the football department, in this case their hands were tied. They didn't make the decision to not have a NSW Cup team, that was the front office & board. 

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