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Norman's rep career.

Okay, I never really understood the hate for Corey, but based on last nights performance is injury to key players the only way he'll make the Queensland side again?

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  • He may take Morgan’s spot as a 14 but yes he will only cover injuries in the starting sides

  • Shows how short Queensland are. Corey has played alright this year. Same as he has last 2 3 years 

    • Didn't know Corey Norman has played for 23 years.

      • your on fire monto

  • He started great with that little grubber, but the kick out on the full was trademark Norman and going for a legs tackle on Fergo would have been perhaps match winning had he pulled it off, should have just pushed him out would have been easier. 

  • There were a few stuff ups, the at the legs of Fergo being the worst, but Norman with DCE had a lot to do with maintaining the Maroons attacking shapes through the sets and which greatly contributed to keeping them in the game and so close to winning it. Norman & DCE were instrumental in creating plenty of time and space for Munster to do what he does off the cuff, etc. 

  • His defence is not origin standard. His offence is hit and miss. I was surprised blues didn’t target him. 

    • Poetry that he missed fergo 

  • More than likely, just like Pearce for NSW.

  • Whether you like him or not he played well. Ponga back to fullback and Munster back to 5 /8 leaves him out

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