Nathan Brown

Yes he is close to our best forward and has been for a few years. But do you think our forwards play better without him? It seems he takes 2 runs every set and the other guys can't get into the game. It's just an observation and I hope he kills and adds to an already strong pack but I've just noticed more consistent performances from the other guys when he's out 

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  • He's another tone setter too me and gives another different trait he brings to the table.

    Our foward balance body type ball playing is vast this year.

    It gives the coach more options how he wants to attack teams hence why I see Nathan Brown is a big part of this.

    Tone setter in defense also Brown he'd start for me every day of the week.

    Nuikores been great and if your BA these are good problems to have.

  • It has been noticeable that our attack is more fluent with Niukore in there instead of Brownie, but he is still a first choice player. The intangibles he brings are far too important.

    • I think it's more fluent because of the spine being together for a longer period of time and there maturing as a group.

      We seem to be alot more patient with the pill and Moses and Brown are very dominant in the attacking zones.Mahoneys picking his time out of dummy half and Gutho is chiming in more and more in the middle the deeper games go.

  • He is not a battering ram but has been trying to be one. With a bigger forward pack around him now he needs to find his niche in attack and focus more on quality than quantity.

    • I do agree on that, the quantity over quality aspect. He could do a lot worse than sit down and watch Jake Trjboevic's style. He rarely goes at full tilt, he actually slows the game down around himself. That said, He is still one of my first picked if I'm BA.

  • Nathan is a hog of a Player.  Only plays for himself. Not a Team Player. He can sit on the Bench. They play alot better without him!

    • That's absolute rubbish, if he was as selfish as you seem to think he is he wouldn't put his body on the line the way he does. 

      • Rubbish U obviously don't know a thing about footy! Half his team mates knows it! Selfish, he holds his team mates up, because he doesn't/won't pass the Ball. 

        Many a times he had ample time to pass the Ball, players are calling for it, they can see "what NB can't"...because he can't read a Game, that's a known Fact!

        • So you now know what his teammates are thinking ? 

          He doesn't pass the ball ? He is one of our best ballplaying forwards, if anything he looks to pass too much. He needs to be more direct and take on the lline more often. I didn't see Marata Niukore passing the ball a whole lot. I don't see Peni Terepo or Kane Evans passing the ball a whole lot, but Nathan Brown is selfish because he doesn't pass the ball ?


          • U must B watching the wrong game! Evans is a ball playing prop & an asset to the club!

            The stats proves that NB doesn't pass the Ball

            & Juniors leads the way.

            Brown is a liability because he continually gets suspended through his foul plays. 

            That's for me to know & u to find out Princess Allen Re: " what he's team mates are thinking"


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