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Rumours are getting stronger, word has it he has fallen out with Trobojovic brothers.

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You can bet the sharks and roosters will be waiting

Sharks don't want him. He's a forward under 30.

I don't know that I'd be making comments like that one Super, given our history of signing over 30s forwards in recent years ....

How many forwards over 30 have we signed? Beau Scott, Vave and Watmough in the past 6 seasons? 

T-Rex - 29

Mannah - 30

Vave - 33 (31 when we signed him)

Matagi - 30 (28 when we signed him and now overseas)

Evans - 26

Terepo - 26

Tepai - 22

Alvaro - 25

Ma'u - 29

Niukore - 22

Gower - 32 (28 when we signed him)

I've maintained that anyone claiming we have some kind of retirement home for ageing forwards is complete BS and someone looking for a lazy excuse as to why we've struggled this year.

Is Vave 33 or 29? Different birth years shown on different sources

Ive thought all along we are a good chance to get him, id not be suprised if you are right here Tone

I don't know if he will make our squad unless we lose Vave and possibly a couple of our backrowers. 

Paulo, Mahoney, Tapau

Lane, Moreoa



Nuikore, Mannah, Alvaro and a Utility is a handy pack indeed except it means no Vave,Mau and Evans.

I think you need a spot for Terepo as well

Believe it when I see it. If he does leave Manly I dare say we would be the favourites for his signature along with Newcastle.

My top 6 predictions may yet come to fruition. ;)

Maybe some desensitizing cream Chiefy......you are very prone to blow your load early!

He specifically said "may yet come" poppa....context mate :)

Fcuk. Thanks for that visual Poppa...Jesus i pray let me un see the described.


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