• First of all have we got confirmation that he's leaving ?

      Secondly, it is accepted practice for executives to announce they are leaving well before their scheduled departure days. The importance of their role demands more than a weeks notice wherever possible. He has many responsibilities that need to be handed over, a smooth transition is required. 

      Finally, to suggest he would intentionally sabotage us on the way out shows his little you truly understand Chief. To do so would be career suicide. No club would go near him if it became known that he'd be the kind to pull that kind of stunt. Clubs may be in competition with each other, but they also talk to each other. 

      Only a person of limited integrity would assume that of someone else. 

      • Doesn't matter Brett, o'neill has to go. We all saw how Fulton raided Manly 

        • Not until he was employed by the Tigers. He didn't recruit for the Tigers whilst he was working for Manly. 

    • He likes his fingers in more than 1 pie 

    • Mitchell Moses showed interest in the Tigers did he go.It's the silly season around who what and where rumours wise.

  • Who replaces him? My 9 year old schnauzer would do a better job than the imbeciles currently running the joint.



    • Gee and we have gone so bad under his tutelage....haven't we????.... how many clubs would like to have our record in the past 5 years??

      Some of the genious's on here say they could do better whereas the people on here would not have a clue.

      Parra pride says good news and take BA with you.....God help their replacements to put up with this lot.....the knives would be out before you could say "jack the ripper". 

  • The Tigers are now chasing  Michael Cheika for the role.

    Looks like we will be stuck with O'Neil after all 😪


    • What' a relief Bem , the club can now continue being held to ransom by players and get pay overs . 

This reply was deleted.

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