• Im hearing it could be Scomo 

      • What about Albo? Yes or No?

        • Maybe Cumberland Eel could make it a trio Chiefy, Wong and CE .....I wonder who will be the brains trust?

    • Not really because the role is fairly undeveloped in the industry. Football department GM's are a relatively new thing in the NRL. There aren't a huge pool of young candidates to choose from. Unless the club goes and gets an established name like Frank Ponissi, I don't expect O'Neill's replacement to be particularly well known. The club might even appoint an interim GM like Nathan Brown to get us through the off season before looking for a long term replacement. 

      • Why is this not understood amongst fans.

        Theres bugger all good football GMs in the NRL.

        Its such an important role I don't think alot realise.

    • Chiefy and Jimmy Wong?....... Probably a training partnership......on second thoughts make that "toilet training"

  • Who replaces him?

  • Thank that mythical character God.

    Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    Now, will the club look for a top notch replacement or go with their usual ethos of anyone cheap will do.

  • Why is Marl O'Neil still running Parra when he has clearly shown intrest in taking the Tigers job he could be undermining our junior ranks as we speak the board should get rid of him straight up 

    • First of all have we got confirmation that he's leaving ?

      Secondly, it is accepted practice for executives to announce they are leaving well before their scheduled departure days. The importance of their role demands more than a weeks notice wherever possible. He has many responsibilities that need to be handed over, a smooth transition is required. 

      Finally, to suggest he would intentionally sabotage us on the way out shows his little you truly understand Chief. To do so would be career suicide. No club would go near him if it became known that he'd be the kind to pull that kind of stunt. Clubs may be in competition with each other, but they also talk to each other. 

      Only a person of limited integrity would assume that of someone else. 

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