Now we have been dudded by the NRL Evans getting a week. Fingers crossed MANNAH gets a shot far better than what we have and all heart. WHOS WITH ME?

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  • Not named in the 21 he can’t play 

    • I think you’re right I wish you weren’t. If a player in the 21is suspended than the 21 becomes 20 so a player should be added so the 20 becomes 21 again, 

      • Tim, would be my first choice to go on the bench, next would be Stefano, I have absolutely no confidence that Tepai or Peni would be capable of replacing Alvaro on the bench as he will become the starting prop.

        If Manly can get an exemption and have TRex play for them, then surely with the loss of Evans we can get one, its going to be a different game now.

        • Colin I can’t see Tim playing for us again. I believe his NRL career with the Eels is over 

          • Sadly have to agree with you John, I cannot see Tim getting a run, its my big concern for the game as I also cannot believe that BA will expect either Tepai or Peni to fill the role that Evans does, as I said above if Tim does not get the vacant spot to which he would deserve, it should be Stefano, or even Oregon in preference to the other two.

            It sucks for me that we have a real staunch club man in Mannah who plays his heart out for the eels but is lost to the game and replaced by a has been player heading to RU. How many games and years is there comparisons in achievements and games played, & the lesser of the 2/3 gets to play his last game at the eels instead of how it should be the other way round.

    • Dig. Didn't you see my blog started midnight.

      Duplicate blog mate.


  • Stuff Mannah!

  • A huge no from me. Enough of the losing culture

    • I gather you believe Terepoe has a winnin culture, ease up on the steroids Rambo.

  • Big fan of Timmy but wasn’t named in 21 so will play out his career in Canterbury cup. We r doing well without him and BA won’t add all the names that have been thrown out  this year now. Our young forwards are going to have to wait. 

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