Manly v Parra

Manly were very impressive today.....but I still think we will beat them.Dogs were woeful, and I have the confidence in our defense now especially on the edges where Manly were breaking through, and it feels good to be able to say that for a change.

I think it will be a great game, and close maybe Eels 14 to 8.  home crowd bringing us home.

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  • The Sea Eagles have a very good starting 13. In the corresponding game last year, we could not stop their momentum once they got a roll on through Fainu, Taupau and AFB. 

    It feels like the team has moved on from being that side that cannot play off the back foot, principally because of the development of Moses and D Brown. However, it remains to be seen because we have not been tested yet. 

    If we can withstand their assault and turn it into a tight contest, then we have turned a corner. 

    If we get belted, not much has changed. 

  • Definitely a game to gauge how well we are actually going. Manly are always a tough opponent and will compete to the end...but now so do we. 
    I though we looked very fit and physical against the broncos and it will be very close

  • I'm a parra fan and a realist. It's a terrible combination that results in a form of pure pessimism not matched in modern sporting fandom.

    I wish I could be off with the fairies and suffer with the kind of delusional thoughtform only seen in mental patients and sporting fans. I am sorry but baseless optimism is not confidence, it's just that, delusion.

    I expect us to be disapointed.

    But, GO PARRA!!

  • Feeling quite confident. Think LEVI is not as smooth as API or Fanua was for them last year. He is a solid defender but he hasnt got that smooth silky game and is synced into DCE as yet.   Once again, the team that controls possesion and field position wins this. WE have subtle advantages across the park.  Like to see FERGO pull out a special big one.   WE might once again defend our way to victory.

    • PT, did you watch our game against Newcastle last season, Levi destroyed us, just about every time he ran from dh he killed us.

      • He did kill us. Their forwards were running through our middle like a hot knife does to butter.This was one of our worst games against a team that struggled for 2/3 of the season and ended up being belted several times.

        • We played them into form that day, think they had lost a few then went on a roll after that.

  • A lot of people are saying the Eels have a great draw that is not too hard - we need to meet the hard teams so when the finals come round we are up to scratch.

    Soft draw means we will be soft in the finals.

    Bring them on and let's see what we really have going for us.

  • All I can say is I hope they have extra strong reinforced hinges on the away team changeroom doors. 

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