Luke Brooks

They were saying on 360 last night Tigers may want to offload him and pay some freight. Would he go any good at hooker? 

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                    • sorry, moronic - i used the wrong spelling

                    • Chief has that many duplicate accounts, I think he is actually you and Da Rock.

                    • Ha . Sound like journalists or lawyers LOL 

          • The same could be said of Frankie, Snake, and yourself. A very select trio indeed, maybe form a boy band......

            • Great idea carl

            • Carl, the problem there is they wouldn't be sure of what genre they are supposed to be - was it R&B, Tenors, Pop, Rock, Accapella...they would all get confused as chief would flip flop over it

              • Rock, I think you've hit the nail on the head. Let's call them the "Flip Flops"

              • Lol, talking about flip flopping,  how about Brissy 40 years an eel now a dolphin boy dolphin 🐬 🤣 😆 😄 😂 

                • Maybe one day Long Bay Gaol might enter a team, and then you can flip to ya flop!!

                  • I thought ppl were talking to me 

                    Carl you are going to confuse me 

This reply was deleted.

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