Luke Brooks

They were saying on 360 last night Tigers may want to offload him and pay some freight. Would he go any good at hooker? 

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  • Keep that Kent away from our great club ffs.

    His failure is contagious I'm sure. A loooooooong history of failure. Next it'll be Aaron Woods.

    • Sharon woods

  • I'd look up damaged goods poor old Luke Brooks is exactly that.

    Im not sure he's got it between the ears.He's been rolled bowled and arseholed for so long I'm not sure there's a fix for what ales him.

    Dummy half but I don't see enough physicality in him to play hooker.

    Yes he has traits for the position but as my first sentence mentions he's damaged goods for me.

    His career kinda reminds me of Jared Mullens less the injuries.

    • All true, but I must admit to being intrigued by what he could do in a quality system. 

      • Lol

        Moses made him look good, but Moses left.

        • That's the problem Grunta, everyone left. What if we bought Brooks instead of Moses, would Moses be the same player he is today, and would Brooks be a better player in our system. 

          • Exactly. 

          • No Wilson, he wouldn't.

  • Makes no sense whatsoever. We let an established hooker in Reed walk away for @$600k why would we invest in someone who has never played there, has suspect defence and is reportedly on $1.2 million next year meaning we would likely have to pay @ $600 k for him???? 

  • This should be closed down. Only logic I can think of is some sick tigers fan doing this blog as some sort of revenge ftom that bankwest opening massacre.

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