Leadership and a discussion of needs

Yes Parra may have some leadership issues happening, I don't think the coach has changed and I don't think the captain has changed......a few people on here all of a sudden decided that their "shit" leadership is the root cause of our inconsistency, I'm not convinced of this from a perspective that a change of leadership from within the team is the answer, I believe the leadership we are now lacking is a CEO with football credibility..... put the coaching tenure aside at this stage.

Jim Saratinos on face value does not deserve to be criticised as he is probably as good a CEO you are going to get in a public forum and a perfect answer to a club like Parra in the circumstances he has come in.i.e weak leadership from an administration perspective.

We have now evolved to a new level that requires some leadership over O'Neill, BA and even the players to provide that confidence that is not there ......none of those guys individually have made errors as such, just now lack a direction from an authority.....maybe a Tim Sheens role for Wests (not us) a Bennett role (non coaching) Gould (not coaching) Bellamey (non coaching) people that are essentially above roles ......CEO's that do that now are obviously Politis, Trip or Ponnisi, (Ken Arthurson , Moore, even Fitgerald in the past) the super coaches Bennett and Ballamey do it as both jobs essentially,because they are autocrats.....the styles are different but fundamentaly the same. O'Neill and BA have had an opportunity to evolve in this direction but at this stage are not at that level....and in BA's case will probably never be.

I have not got an answer just an observation of what we may need.

I'm not calling for Jim Saratinos to resign, he has obvious strengths, but If I was Jim Saratinos I would be looking for that person that can put a different and credible overview that is much harder to discredit than our current evolution.

How it would actually work is something that may come out of a discussion.

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  • Not a bad thing to consider Poppa, do you think BA would like it or allow that. Could it be a "you will take it or resign" type of ultimatum?

    If i had to guess BA wouldn't be pleased but would do what the board wanted for the team and deal with it. He has dealt with worse stuff over the 9 years.

    • The person, who ever it is, would not allow BA to dictate in any way.

      Mangement can be ruthless but I would also say fair. BA may find he is being blocked in a way he cannot express?

      Note I said this person, maybe he doesn't exist.....but I would find him if I was Saratinos!

      • I have no issue in that Poppa, but i think BA would not like having someone having a say in football operations or having a chance to like Gus would. But as i said BA more likely would hold his tongue and get on with his job as he is that type of person and professional.

        I would love an oversee person, with talk a few years back that BA was going to be that. Someone like a Sheens to tell it like it is would be nice and is the modern day NRL.

  • Nailed it Pops nailed it.

    Its probably what's been missing since the Emperor was ousted.

    You need a bit of a dictator in this role thrown in with a bit of understanding as the times and how you roll with people has changed.

    • we dont want a return to the emperor type days tho, they are and should be well in the rear view mirror.

      • No we don't but as prescribed that Politis type off the field guy who seemingly knew how to weild influence to get a result.

        Thats the type I'm assuming Poppa is alluding too.

        • Exactly, you could also put Russell Crow in as a style, although that style does not suit our needs.....we are not a finacial basket case, which allowed/s Crow and his mate to dictate.

    • Hadleys at  it again . He has it on good authority that their is a lot unhappiness at the club with the coach playing favourites with a number of players and that the football Department by a bunch of people that have know idea about running a football team and that's starting with the chairman . I wonder where he is  getting his info from and how much truth is in it he specially mentioned Nathan Brown being told to look else despite have a contract till 23 .ithere a lot of truth in wahat he says or just stirring the pot with his old .personally i would hazard the for mentioned just my humble opinion 

      • i would take whatever Bolts and Fitzy with a grain of salt, there is always an agenda there and hadley is always pushing fitzy's barrow.

        its akin to going to price and kenny for a comment.....first they get the media commentary from pricey and kenny, then bolts steps up the attacks with the motto "it would never have happened up fitzys watch".

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