Latrell and Wighton charged after brawl in Canberra


I tried copying the link to a Fox Sports article that has Latrell Mitchell charged with affray and resist arrest in Canberra and Jack Wighton with affray after a night of boozing to celebrate Wighton 30th.  This happened last night.

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      • Your point is rubbish as usual.  Show me a white player in the last decade that got arrested , fought with police and the NRL doesn't whack a suspension on them. Till then you're really going to struggle to show us that these clowns haven't been treated favourably due to being indigenous , or in Whightons case a Clayton's Aboriginal. 

    • Wiz, I think the auto stand down policy only comes into effect if the potential sentence is 5 years plus. This is a GBB at worse. Probably a fine and no conviction recorded.

      I've heard that the NRL is waiting until the court outcome.

    • Standdown rule comes into effect with a charge that carries a maximum sentence of 11 years or more.

      Affray carries maximum of 10 years, the other charges are even less.


      I dont think the standdown policy applies in this instance.

  • I wonder if they played the don't you know who I am card when getting kicked out of the club and when police turned up.

    Convenient that the released footage only shows Mitchell once he is on the ground yelling about his shoulder.  I don't care who it is but usually the story is in what isn't said or shown by media.

    Are we to believe 2 star footy players having a wrestle/fight and no one videoed anything until Mitchell was on the ground screaming like a bitch with coppers on him.  The media are controlling the narrative on this with direction from the Rabbits, Raiders, NRL and Aboriginal right groups.

    Why didn't they show where the police threw Mitchell to the ground, was it because he refused to listen to the police, carried on like an idiot and had to be restrained.  Where is the footage that shows it was a friendly wrestle not a fight.  Where is the footage when police arrived and gave move on orders that were ignored?  Where is the rest of the story they refuse to share.


    • fake midget pseudoachondroplasia agreed Fake and don't police wear video cameras now?? 

      • I think you just knocked that for "six" FM, great work and Taddy and Maggie and also for Victor.....take note most of the vitrolic on here is really about Mitchell......then you can ask the question are they playing the man rather than the ball. Why is it that the do gooders automatically defend the guy that needs the least defence, Mitchell is one of the top 3 players in the game a multi millionare player who effectively has got away with blue murder for too long......sorry for using that "blue" word again, the producers of Avatar are no doubt preparing their case!

        • I don't consider I am a do gooder Pops.( Still trying to find out who I am) Is trying to being good something to be frowned upon?

          I think penalties should be uniform for everyone rich or poor. I would however make allowances on some mitigating circumstances. Everyone who has compassion generally takes those things into account 

  • Here comes that big broom to sweep latrells problems under the rug again... firearms offences, traffic offences, covid breaches, alcohol abuse, public displays of violence... and he hasn't missed a game for any of the off field issues. Let that sink in.
    And the media still try's to sell that narrative that he's some sort of superstar player and a role model.

    Affray? Resisting arrest? Nothing in it?

    Thats ok here Matterson, you can have a 3wk suspension for on field incident. Hmmm I'll let you all decide.

    • Always has been a sook of a player imo and from my view the sort of person who seems to blame things on others rather than owning it. 

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