Last ‘Try’

From the rule book:

Is where a defender does not use, or attempt to use, his arms (including his hands) to tackle or otherwise take hold of the opposing player and the contact is forceful. It will be considered misconduct, if any player affects a tackle in the manner as defined.

Pretty forceful and I did not see any arms. Did anyone see Jordan put arms on Sivo? 

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  • No

    It was a crazy decision. Textbook shoulder charge. Where people are confused is trying to determine if the shoulder made contact. It's completely irrelevant. But it did by the way. 

  • Definitely no arms. Absolutely clear cut a penalty try.

    Having said that Dylan was so, so offside in the prior try so swings and roundabouts. We should have put that game away in the first half when we had all the possession and field position. We deserved to lose this one.

    • Yep, that sums it up. Didn't take the opportunities when they were there. Don't forget NBrown dropping the ball when JA caught the bomb, he was under the posts untouched. Played very poorly and never got into 2nd gear. Had some luck and some bad luck. Didn't deserve to win it.

    • Yup. Two wrong decisions. Sack the Ref and the Bunker.

  • Rapana and F Kaufusi are dog bro's

  • I don't know why Sivo was so high to begin with, if he is lower to the ground he scores. I don't know why sometimes wingers don't dive a metre out and slide over the line, that was a perfect opportunity for Maika to dive and slide further out for the tryline and he scores regardless of what Rapana does.

    • Yeah. Sivo dives maybe he gets it.

    • They don't do this anymore because of the fact that you can't come in with a charging tackle. Oh except if Perenara the fuckwit is officiating 

  • Dylan Brown was clearly offside and then Rapana made absolutely no attempt to make a tackle. It was dangerous from Rapana and clearly a penalty try. How can Henry Perenara get those 2 decisions so horribly wrong it beggars belief. I also take issue with the 2 captain challenge decisions he made. Matto had hands on the ball in the Croker tackle but made no attempt to strip yet gets penalised. Papalii loses the ball in almost identical circumstances yet gets ruled a loose carry. Perenara is an absolute embarrassment to the game

    • do not forget the bom no try when he rules knock back by Canberra knock on by Parramatta. Also If Will did dummied instead of passing he scores. Parrametta had more changes than Canberra and really should have won that game.

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