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    • WEC, well so much more all the hate speels on the other blog that has been deleted and no longer found, cyberspace is a wonderfull galaxy for speculations.

      Yesterdays presser was an agitating exercise to put news out and see what came back, no doubt he already knew he was staying, so much for flushed face and reflecting/deflecting questions by the columns of media experts.

      I just hope now that he can be just as elusive at Townsville this weekend. The king reigns and the pawns now start their moves out to the front.

      • Let's hope King-Gutho's star shines even brighter on-field versus the Cowboys.

        If his game-talk, body language and attitude is half as good as it was off-field in his media reality show, we'll win by a record score.

  • Good news for the Club

  • The only club in the NRL to resign a coach and captain after being flogged by 60 points... Thats the definition of success 

  • BUT his body language said he was leaving.

    How can this be true????

    • Lol. Body language doesn't lie!

      • Lol mate. It's called a double bluff by gutho. He's one great poker player lol

        • Nice spin Chiefy. Who knew that the spaniel had such a strategic mind?

          • Exactly mate. The King works in mysteries ways. One of the best double bluffs I've seen lol

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