Ken Maumalo anyone?

New Zealand Warriors winger Ken Maumalo is reportledy on offer to rival clubs in hope of gaining interest from across the NRL.

As reported by Triple M’s Brent Read, despite being contracted for the 2022 season the Warriors flyer is being shipped around the league.

“He’s been offered around the NRL,” Read said.

“His management has reached out to a couple of clubs to see if they are interested in signing him.

“He’s a big powerful winger and he will be decent value for someone somewhere and it looks like it won’t be at the Warriors next year.”

Maumalo has played 10 games for the Warriors in 2021, scoring five tries and running at 177 metres per game in his seventh season in Auckland.

After making his debut in 2015, Maumalo has played 105 games for the Warriors, scoring a total of 41 tries.


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  • Nope, prefer to give our juniors an opportunity, Dunster...Penisini (Waqa to Wing).  If we don't give them opportunities they get scooped up by other teams, and then we all complain that we missed out on the talent.

    • But what if they are not good enough ET..... If our juniors were good enough we wouldn't need players like Maumalo.

      • Haze has looked pretty good in both games he's played so I agree, I think he deserves a chance. But, it still has some level of risk involved.

        At least with Maumolo you know exactly what you're getting and he'll have an instant impact on the team when joining.


    • He's not exactly slow, pretty fast for a big boy.

      I'd say he'd go alright in a smart team like ours.

      • yes, he is exactly what we need! only question is why is he leaving warriors, if its just geography well it is a great opportunity.

  • Definite yes

  • If we do sign Maumalo and let Fergo go we wouldn't be missing Fergo's size or he's metres out the back. If anything we would be gaining metres from the back. Always been a fan of Maumalo.

  • It's a yes from me

  • Wests tigers just signed him effective immediately 3.5 year deal


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