Junior Paulo

Interested to get some views on how people think Junior is going?

I thought in Origin 2 where he started, that he didn't really look for work and when he did take it up, he didn't look to offload, I can only remember him passing once and maybe one offload.

I was very critical of Fitler last year in not giving Junior much time, especially as last year I thought he was our most damaging forward and whoosh! he was off, this year he has had a better look and maybe reflecting his somewhat disappointing form in recent weeks for Parra.

I watched his body language within the team and his enthusiasm  before and after we won was pretty good, so I didn't notice any negativity from that perspective. He seemed to be good mates with Paas.

Maybe and I stress maybe, the boxing training at the begining of the year is having some effect, he looks very "bound up" to me, i.e. not letting himself go.

I would be interested if any of you other "guys" notice anything similar.

At present I don't believe he is delivering what we need, I love the guy as a player and maybe he is just coasting going into the latter half of the year.

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  • I thought he didn't have as much impact the other night, and you are right, he didn't offload much, but maybe that was on Freddy's instructions. His carries were strong enough, but he also only played 42 mins,, so that is not a lot of game time, so he did ok under those circumstances.

    • Yes 42 mins is not long, but still more than he had in origin in the past. Yes I agree he did ok as well, but just not my expectations.

    • I was at the game pete, and I was sitting down the end we were defending in the first half. I can tell you I watched him very closely, and in defence his workrate was extremely high, Saifiti as well. Both did a lot of dirty work in defence, and Junior was used as a decoy in attack an awful lot as well. It was apparent that the Maroons really loaded up on him with 3 or 4 men and really focused on locking up the ball.

      The three big boppers, Junior, Saifiti & Haas were all outstanding again.

      • I agree about Junior being used as a decoy a large amount of the time.

      • Brett has it spot on. I think Junior was simply following the game plan as directed by the coaching staff. He worked hard in defence and was used as a decoy to suck in multiple defenders and create opportunities on the edges.

      • Thanks for info Brett

  • The offload is not worth the risk when you have so many star players in that backline,  Freddy reigned him in and that's a good thing. Jr tan strongly and had a quick play the ball.

    Freddy had Jnr playing the way he should be playing at under Arthur. Possession is king in today's game and the offload is almost dead.


    • Interesting your view on the offload Chiefy, yes I can understand Freddy taking that view in the context of what he wants to play.

      My feeling in the Parra side he needs to play a more expansive game, there is a balance for offloads notwithstanding, he is also heavily marked in this respect.

      • Agree with all you say Poppa

    • Ah Jr Tan, son of Snr Tan. Best combination fried rice this side of Church St. May Jnr Tan live well and prosper.

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