• Not only is this guy delusional, he grew up supporting the dogs.

  • The CEO of the mighty Eels is a dogs supporter...this news is more disturbing than the pride drama at Manly 

  • This guy is a flop of massive proportions , never had the credentials to be CEO and how a person who was part of the administration that took over the club became CEO is a disgrace .


     This flop board and CEO have had it very easy because they have had no one to answer to  because memebers have not had a say in the footy club for 6 years . 

  • As ive been saying, this blokes a blow in with NFI.

    Our clubs being run by a dogs fan, no wonder we are on the decline.

    Gus is probably paying him to keep BA and JA here.

  • So expectation is top 4? Havent made that in 2 years and regressed every year since, sooooooo what happens if knocked out week 1?

  • Get DB and MM done and move on.

  • Todd Greenburg 2.0 or Todd Greenburg Lite...  which ever is your take the above is a disgrace from a dope with no footy smarts...

    Bring back the plumber

  • Ohhhhhh F$%^ off, a dogs supporter. Please out the door with Muppet Mahoney you go. To say that, shows he has no idea about Eels fans.

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