Jarryd Hayne- Trial Commences this week

As per the heading Jarryd Haynes trial commences this week.  Great image for the NRL with De Belins trial currently going on for sexual assault related offences and now Jarryd Haynes for similar.  Anyway, reading the article, it appears that he has returned from his Christian Mission in Perth and has been training with current and former members of the Eels squad in Sydney and still has hopes of returning the the NRL. I make no comment in relation to the charges, trial or allegations for obvious reasons and would ask people to do the same. ( Super if that cannot be controlled or exposes the site then comfortable with and decision you make).

If he is guilty of the offences he has been charged with, then I hope he gets what he deserves.  Likewise, if he is inncocent, I hope he gets the outcome he deserves in that regard.   If found guilty, it is career over in my opinion.


If however he is acquitted, who thinks at age 32 any NRL Club would offer him a final crack? Would anyone want him back at the Eels?  Would he be a replacement for Jennings for example? Are we better having moved on and leaving it at that?








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        • I will tell you one thing Mace, if we got him fit enough to play in the centres, then our wingers will never have an excuse for not seeing the ball.....he is the most naturally gifted passer of a football I have ever seen!

  • Apart from one season (2009) how has Jarryd had a positive impact for our club? With arguably the best player in the game we regularly missed the finals, with constant stories of Hayne's lack of team first mentality ever present. Poor attitude, poor trainer etc. Never forget he left us (with our permission) to try NFL and when he returned he reneged on his promise to play for Parra instead signing a lucrative deal at the Titans and trying to blame the Eels for making him do so. (We apparently didn't give him an offer quickly enough)
    Personally I'm glad to see the back of him and the club is in a much better place without him involved. 

    • That narrative pisses me off Mutt, and I would expect it from the likes of Chief or Wiz, but the implication that we missed the finals BECAUSE of JH is plainly unfair. I view it rather that without him we'd have struggle to win a game. He carried an awful heavy load week in week out with a revolving door of coaches & teammates, a dysfunctional board & administration.

      What do you seriously have expected of him ?

      • Take a breath.

        The club and team became overly reliant on him. He also took up a very large chunk of the cap during his time. With Hayne we all expected miracles and occasionally he delivered. But that approach by the team and the club was an unsustainable, enigmatic approach. We were far from being the balanced team we needed to be to deliver consistent success. 
        I enjoyed watching him play very much. I still enjoy his highlight reel occasionally. But in the cold light of day, for various reasons we were an unbalanced side with him involved and our results reflected that. We're far better off without him. 

        • I agree that we were over reliant on him, but why were we ?

          Are you telling me that if he hadn't gone to the NFL that we couldn't have built a great roster around him with the much more stable organisation we have now ?

          My irritation with your statement is when you ask "Apart from 2009, when has Jarryd had a positive impact on our club ?"

          My answer would be every year he was here, but the failings of those around him were too great an obstacle to overcome. It took what happened in 2009 to illustrate his extraordinary talent, but I think his most underrated & underappreciated season was 2010, he was phenomenal that season, despite the clubs poor performaces.

          I'm sure JT took up as much of the Cowboys salary cap as JH ever did of ours, and they were just as reliant on him, yet they had a better roster around him and a stable organisation. 

          • I am inclined to agree with your general thrust Brett,

            I always believed that he was probably the best example you could ever get of a club completely mismanaging  a wonderful protege. He probably has plenty of contemporaries but his example could have a text book written about it.

            The mismanagement of the  club  was so obvious but at what point do you say that a 14 year old prodigy from a broken and lower economic environment was handled to be anything other than the huge "waste" of talent that is shown. I would have loved to have seen him  mentored and taken on a path where  he could hold his head up high and bask in the type of post career environment his ability entitled him to.

            Instead we have a young man facing a crisis with his reputation forever tarnished because the football club who owed him more than vice versa was managed by a team of incapable miscreants that went as far as anyone could do in ruining a great sporting club and hence the opportunity within it.

            I hope he is found innocent and that we do take him under our wing in any capacity to help get over the mess he has found himself in......if we don't do it for him we should do it as example for every gifted junior that ever comes through our club. If we rob their innocence before they have a chance to understand what professional sport is and has become at ages of under 16 then we are neglecting our duties of being truly a development club.

            Development to me means a lot more than just football ability! Jarryd got a raw deal in the true sense of the word.

            PS His management (manager/s) are also a disgrace to the same process.

            • I reflected somewhat on what I wrote about Jarryd and thinking further ahead I believe we could do a lot more for past players..... I am a specifically thinking about Brett Kenny, Ray Price and probably a lot of other players that have come upon hard times.

              With the current Renaissance that the club is going through, maybe some thought should be going out in this direction..... most certainly like to see some of these players becoming involved in some mentoring and reminiscing about past glories and undertakings they undertook to get to be the great players they were, as well as some of the lessor lights as football players who became significant players in other endeavors.

              This is an important culture we should be more conscious of as we go forward IMO.

              • Good comments Pops. Some of your finest. 

                • Thanks Benny, I think Mushy (underneath) missed my point and focused on the individual whereas it was more a philosophical issue which I think you grasped.

            • Sorry Poppa but disagree.

              Hayne proved he was not one for discipline - failed after reading his own 2009 publicity and thought he ruled the NRL - failed with NFL because the stringent discipline hampered his ego - failed at Titans because he had a strict disciplinarian for a coah (whom he shafted very successfully) and failed when he came under Bushy who was stamping his authority at the Eels at the time.

              Some people cannot be "managed" simply because they do not respond to sage advice.

              Big heads have destroyed more BIG futures than anything else.

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