Jarryd Hayne- Trial Commences this week

As per the heading Jarryd Haynes trial commences this week.  Great image for the NRL with De Belins trial currently going on for sexual assault related offences and now Jarryd Haynes for similar.  Anyway, reading the article, it appears that he has returned from his Christian Mission in Perth and has been training with current and former members of the Eels squad in Sydney and still has hopes of returning the the NRL. I make no comment in relation to the charges, trial or allegations for obvious reasons and would ask people to do the same. ( Super if that cannot be controlled or exposes the site then comfortable with and decision you make).

If he is guilty of the offences he has been charged with, then I hope he gets what he deserves.  Likewise, if he is inncocent, I hope he gets the outcome he deserves in that regard.   If found guilty, it is career over in my opinion.


If however he is acquitted, who thinks at age 32 any NRL Club would offer him a final crack? Would anyone want him back at the Eels?  Would he be a replacement for Jennings for example? Are we better having moved on and leaving it at that?








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  • I dunno how I would feel if he returned to us, I loved watching him play but after his stint in 2018 after when we had so much hope from the previous season and ended up with the spoon, not blaming it all on him but I think he was more of a distraction. 

    If he wanted to join Parra in a assistant coaching role I think that would be a huge bonus as I think he has a great footy brain, but as a player I just think those days are over

    • It's ok to have a footie brain but you still need to articulate your thoughts. Hayne - nah.

  • I wish Hayne the best and I hope hes found not guilty. At 32 years of age I really cant see him offering much to any club. Hes been out of the game awhile now. 

  • It is better to leave sleeping dogs lie imo EE.

    The final chapter in that book was written sometime ago.

  • I hope Justice prevails. 

  • "I make no comment in relation to the charges"...... but then go on and make comments.

    • No comment.

    • There was no comment in relation to the specific allegations of any indication of  opinion regrading his guilt or innocence smart arse!

  • Reading which article, ee?

    • It was an article on news.com yesterday morning.

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