“It was probably one of the weirdest situations I’ve ever been a part of,” Brown told the Herald.

“I’d just re-signed at the club and a few months later they are telling me to look elsewhere. It was a bit of a weird situation. Everything happens for a reason and, if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be at a club like the Roosters.

 “There were a few explanations but, at the end of the day, I can’t control their explanations or the way they do things.

“I can only control what I can control, and that is turning up day in and day out for my teammates and having a great attitude.

“Their decisions are up to them; I can’t control that. That was the club I was employed at, at the time. Now that I’m looking back, I’m glad it happened and have an opportunity at the Roosters.”

In his first year at Parramatta in 2017, Brown won the Ken Thornett Medal as the club’s best player and became a cult hero among fans because of his hard-charging style. His stocks rose higher when he made his State of Origin debut in the 2020 series, which led to him re-signing on a two-year contract the following season.

Soon afterwards, the former Rabbitohs and Wests Tigers forward was told he was surplus to requirements. Last year he made only 14 first-grade appearances, his last coming when he earned a shock recall for the grand final after being dropped following round 17.

Asked about his relationship with coach Brad Arthur, Brown remained diplomatic.

“I’ve got a good relationship with everyone but, at the end of the day, he’s the coach, he’s the boss,” Brown said. “It’s his decision, and it is what it is. It’s his call.

“There is something to prove, but not to Parramatta.

“I’ve got a point to prove to myself and my new teammates and my new club. I’ve moved on to a club I’m really excited about.

“That is in the past now; I can only concentrate on my future. I want to build trust with my teammates and around the club.”

Brown will bolster a Roosters pack decimated by injuries. The Italy international will provide depth and experience while Angus Crichton, Sitili Tupouniua and Matt Lodge are unavailable, although a hamstring injury will sideline him for several weeks, including for what would have been a spicy clash against the Eels in round five.

The 30-year-old is contracted to the tricolours until the end of this season, but believes his new team will bring out the best in him. And that, Brown hopes, will result in another Origin call-up.

“I’m very lucky and grateful a club like the Roosters gave me an opportunity,” Brown said. “I want to play my best footy that saw me in the Origin side.

“I want to get back into that arena and I believe the Roosters will allow me to do that. I think I can get back to that with such a great club and great coach in Trent Robinson.

“Once you get a phone call from Robbo and the Roosters, you just have to jump at the opportunity.

“I was really excited when my manager told me they were interested. I couldn’t wait to get that phone call from Robbo to see what he had to say.

“He explained himself really well, and now I have to get on the park and play some footy for him.

“It’s a quality club with quality players and a quality coach. I want to work hard so I can be back playing that Origin style of footy.”

Having been a member of the Parramatta side that lost the 2022 grand final, Brown believes he can go a step further with the Roosters.
“We have got a great bunch of talent at the Roosters,” he said. “I’ve only been there for two days but can see why they are a successful club. One day I would love to win a comp. Everyone knows the talent and the potential at the Roosters is through the roof, their culture and the leadership shows why they are a successful club.”

As for a clash against his former team, Brown will have to wait until a round 25 encounter at CommBank Stadium.

“It will be a good one, good fun coming in against your ex-teammates,” he said. “I’m sure it will be a fun occasion."

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            • TAD, I suspect there's a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes, and not all of it good. Dirty deals, drugs, booze, partner sharing, lots of extra curriculum activities... It's nothing new, anywhere and everywhere, and it partially explains why players' form can be Sybil at times. Heads elsewhere. Young men, plenty of testerone, and the brain doesn't really mature for us blokes till post 30 and maybe even 40 plus after we make enough mistakes. I suspect, some clubs are better at managing it all - with a stronger culture - is all.

              • Yes mate some of the way people think is mind blowing.( Not referring to anyone on this site) I am referring to the real big issues going around.This week on the world stage could be quite explosive.( According to latest astrological forecasts--- yes my new religion -- very accurate so far) cheers mate 

                • Don't say that tad 

                  I don't think my nerves could handle it atm 😞

                  • Carlo look around you. Lots of people are close to breaking point.Our whole family  are going through stress and anxiety at a never before way. We know so many people who are much the same.. Many professional Astrologer s are all saying the same thing.The planets are aligned in the same way now as they were when the French revolution happened creating a new world order pathway.We are going through  major historical times addressing the Patriarchal structures we have been living under for Centuries , Major protest movements every where in the world with roots in inequality and the values we have been living under. Women movements are happening everywhere in the world. Astrologists are saying we are moving to a collective consciousness.The media spin with influence with shaping the way of looking at the world in powerful interests will be challenged in a big way..It will be a very difficult process as they will use every tool to hold onto their power.It will no longer prevail.

                    Tha end of this year will look very different to the beginning. Major economic upheaval coming our way very soon and will hurt a lot.

                    What keeps us going is understanding the process we are going through and knowing (hoping) things will get better for the current youthful generation.

  • Whenever he played first grade he seemed a step off the pace. We made a good decision. Trying to make use of his 30 spot and some of his cash.

    I've always been speculative of the change in his agression and fitness, it's like he fell off a cliff.

  • What is he supposed to say I can see how those cheating carnts can hold & recruit talent.Robbo your a shit house coach fark me what am I doing here.

    End of the day he was a good servant at Parra his type the player from 2 yrs ago is definitely missed in todays team.All the rest is just business decisions.

    • They are paying $180k for Brown. Smart business but yeah it sucks, we have already paid third of his contract for this year. Thanks CBA.

      • I moved on from Brown halfway through last year.After he had that last injury he was never the same player he was when we first signed him.

         I think a bit of it was the above but I think when some players get that payday they exhale a bit and never really regain that form when they were playing for a contract.The chip on there shoulders gone.

  • I bet he will be great under Trent Robinson

  • Roosters clearly weren't interested until they had injuries. He's been free to negotiate for a long time now and was never linked to the Roosters before this. He'll cover for injuries but that's about it. I remember Shawn Blore owning him in his first or 2nd game and he's done nothing since.

    Ran out of the line frequently looking to put a big hit on that often went wrong or left a hole in defence. Failed at origin, onto his 5th club and getting injuries. Will never understand why we resigned him

This reply was deleted.

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