Is it our forwards that are the problem and not our backs?

For me, our poor form over the last couple of months is due to our speed of the play the ball.  It's been mentioned on here and Peter Sterling also eluded to it on Triple M the other day. 

We've been absolute dog shit at getting off the deck quickly after a tackle.  Whether it's our forwards backing into the opposition defensive line or Sivo and co having a little hissy on the ground, our ponderous ruck is allowing the opposition to dominate us and the likes of Moses are being completely nullified in attack. 

Our sweeping backline plays have gone missing, line breaks have dried up, Moses' try assists are disgustingly low and we seem to only rely on the power game and offloads.

The game against Penrith for me was like the Covid-19 awakening.  It was the most depressing game of the season.  We had no answers to Penrith whatsoever.  They where in our face the whole frigging game.  The slow play the ball was on repeat and the monotonous 5 hit ups then Moses hoisting the ball down field only to be caught on the full by Edwards made me very ill.

The Eels have been playing off the back foot for too long and getting away with it against lesser or depleted sides but against quality opposition (Souths and Penrith) we're being sodomised and this will continue if changes aren't made.

If BA doesn't work this shit out (forwards giving our halves the platform with faster ruck speed) then it's gonna be another straight sets defeat in the finals.

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  • No.

  • I think our creative plays coming out of our own end are crap. Also Moses needs to take the line on more at the same time he needs to have the support. Lane needs a week off to rest. Matterson needs to harden the eff up and run hard and straight. Sivo needs to drop weight he’s too bulky to be an effective winger.

    • I think Moses is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Imagine if he threw a cut out pass inside our 20 to try and find some space out wide and it got dropped and the opposition scored from it - far out, he's getting crucified now for playing the percentages, he'd have snipers in the stands if something like that happened!!!!

      Tallis, as much of a tool that he is, said the other day talking about the Eels attack that only 2 halves he has seen could make things happen behind a pack not going forward - Wally and Johns. He defended Moses and gave it to our forward pack and said they've gone missing the last couple of months from the early season form. I'd be playing that interview to the entire forward pack every game for the rest of the season.

      • Most teams have our forward packs measure atm Brissy, the 1st half of the year Paulo and RCG weregetting over the advantage line with ease, now, opposition teams are getting 4 and 5 in a tackle to stop them, and it's working. This slows our play the ball down and that is why our edge backrowers have been ineffective lately. Persnally, i think our biggest problem is Mahoney, he's making it easy for the opposition defence to limit our metres by not engaging the defence like Smith does. Smith very rarely darts from dummy half, he will run at a 45deg angle, this gives him 4 options, have a runner outside, a runner inside, a switch back through the ruck or out the back to Munster or Hughes. This allows the forwards to get over the advantage line. Mahoney needs to get some variation in his game.

        • Smith's many forward passes help a fair bit too Wong!!! But yeah, I know what you're saying. The easiest way to stop those 4 player gang tackles is pretty simple, support players and a short off-load before the advantage line. All of a sudden the defence is on the back foot, not the front foot. But we haven't had those support players - Gutho, Moses and the other forwards have all dropped off that task - there's just 1 big taerget on the ball runner. It is sooo easy to do, why it hasn't been happening is beyond me. I still think the boys, whether conciously or not, know they are going to canter into a Top 4 and are protecting themselves for the finals. Trouble is, you go into the finals in poor form and it's tough to just get it back with the higher intensity of finals footy.

          • So you realy think players are playing shit because they believe we are already top 4.

            Well fellas right now you could end up in 5th spot.But i doubt any players are thinking that way.

            • I just don't think they've been fully switched on for ages, and for ages we've been pretty comfortably in the Top 4, but it could just be a conicidence. I reckon they may just be playing with more intensity if they were battling for a Top 8 spot. You should always be playing to win, but sometimes - and without possibly even knowing it - people don't go full tilt when there is no real reason for it. Like you said Graham, 5th spot is a slim possibility now, so let's hope they show up tomorrow night with a bit more venom in their defence and positivity in attack, they're due for an 80 minute effort, at best they've put in for 40-50 in the last 2 months.

              • Year see where your coming from. Well tonight they need to find form and make a statement. Win by 6 or 20 as long as we start to play as a team. Hunt as a pack, bodies in motion and our spine clicks in to gear. I realy hope Reed stands up tonight.

  • Are you SBW cousin?

  • Style of play has hurt us big minutes from our middles and BA wants to run through teams.

    Simply some of these fowards playing big minutes have run out of gas.

    Simply to help these big guys we need to hit edges earlier and come back down town.

    If you want to keep running through teams your too reliant on winning that physical battle what needs to be added is some subtlety and different tactics to make these yards.Mahoneys play out of dummy half helps by occupying defenders.

    Also our backs have been an issue as they haven't been able punch us out of our own end like they were earlier in the season.Its a cumulative effect by them not doing that we are asking our middles to carry even more load.

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