• Definitely, only another 1000 or so will get us there.

  • LMFAO - population of the greater Parramatta area is in the millions and you ask is it possible to find more than 30K rednecks to join the club.

    GWS in their 8th season cracked 30K before the end of April this year.

    Perhaps a good hard look at how we market memberships is way overdue.


    What's In It For ME!

    • If you remove the Gold Coast Suns from the list, then basically every AFL club has greater membership than any NRL team. What is it that the AFL clubs do better than NRL clubs in securing memberships?

      • I think they probably offer short stints, say 3 game packages which are good for busy families who can't get to every game. Para did this a while back, but it the end there needs to be financial incentive to join memberships. After this year people may be reluctant to hand over their hard earned cash and not even be able to go to games.

      • They've been doing it a lot longer, it's much more deeply ingrained in their culture. When they first started offering memberships they didn't get the same numbers they do now. 

    • Membership is about supporting the club, not about what you're getting out of it. 

      • They are missing the mark in terms of marketing if clubs really believes that. People will be more and more reluctant to hand over cash for a non-charity, especially ones that get a leg up from governments.

        • AFL clubs get as much if not more government help than NRL clubs. But that is what membership is about, it’s about the fans collectively supporting the club, being supporters not consumers. 

          • I'm just saying they are missing the vast majority of fans. How many fans do you think Parra has? I would say at the very least 300,000, so only 10% become members. Why is that? Are these fans not supporting their team by buying merchandise and going to as many games as they can? Even watching on TV adds to the value that team can pull through advertising. Maybe membership needs a rethink and not just expect fans to provide funding for clubs.

            • The eels have a large female base so I’ll speak for what I know 

              a lot of us gals are PT workers so

              our disposable income is a lot less and as nurturers we always put ourselves LAST so the thought of using any extra income towards a footy membership

              esp when I don’t live in syd would not even be considered .Thats my primary reasons in a nutshell 

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