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So I posted this last week in the Site News area but that gets little traffic. I'll post it here instead.

We now have the ability to @mention members in the comments like you can on all other social media sites. You just type the @ symbol and begin typing the name of the member you want to mention and you'll get a list of members to choose from.

Why is this important?

For one, it helps knowing exactly who a comment is directed at.

Secondly, I encourage you to use it to help with moderation. If you @mention me I will get a notification and I can go to view the issue. I'm still available on PM as per normal, but if you're concerned about something and you don't want to have to go through messaging me then you can use the @mention.

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  • Impressive.

    Kudos Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur 

    • CarloEEL2 

      very intelligent and looks soooo young for 46

      like that ?

  • Chiefy ....just wanted to try it

  • Super, you need help with some other Mods.  Not a criticism, just a fact.  You cannot be on here 24/7 and you have a life and I am sure we all respect that.  Just food for thought.  This weeks activities on the site show it.

  • Tbh I thd GUI wax much better before.  Was on the site way more before It changed.

  • >Blogs takes you to "Eels Blogs".

    >Eels blogs takes you to "all discussions"

  • @Grunta, what a guy.

    Testing, testing, testis.

  • When are you going to add the 'last reply' function under blogs so we don't have to continually scroll through shit we've read a heap of times. Particularly blogs with a heap of replies? Can't be that difficult, we had it on the old platform.

  • @Sir SuperEel 22@Hail King Arthur ,your moderation is  about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

  • @Grunta hi

This reply was deleted.

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