After nearly 40 years of pain, the Eels can get stuffed :) I live in the Moreton Bay Area and am going all in on our local team and encouraging my 8 year old to do the same. I fear however he might already be too deep into the Eels vortex. Praying for deivine intervention to release him from this Vex.

To be fair my old man gave me enough warnings. He said son, follow the Eels and the following will happen:

1) You'll learn how to lose;

2) It'll build character;

3) You'll understand how false hope can rip your heart out.

He was spot on.

Cya fellow sufferers, it's been a journey :)

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  • Meh

  • There are tonnes of Parramatta supporters jumping ship to support Redcliffe. There were a few last year that had ultimatums on facebook saying "If we lose the grand final, I am out and supporting Redcliffe". At the end of the day, you cannot predict the future, nobody can, whose to say that Redcliffe might take 10-15 year to win their first premiership?. I bet there was one or two disenfranchised Parramatta supporters back in the 1990s that jumped ship to support Auckland/New Zealand Warriors. Its coming up to 30 year and they look nowhere near getting a premiership.

  • See ya

  • C'mon Daz if number 2 was correct no chance you'd walk.

    It takes plenty of character and heart to follow this club - no other club can tear someone's heart out as often as the EELS have for 36 years and still have the guts to put their hand out for money.

    It's insulting but nonetheless we still fork out our hard earned because of our love for the blue and gold.

    • Why can't we just have a promising team 

      surely it cannot be that hard 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

      • That's all I want carlo. Give us something. Every week we could be world beaters or panel beaters. The wild swings are so tough to handle

    • We have the biggest membership out of any Sydney club and have some of the best crowds on average in the NRL and that is without any premiership for 37 years and all the other stuff that goes with it. Imagine if we were like a Melbourne finishing top 4 every year, we would easily have about 40-50K members and sold out crowds each home game.

    • Frank The Tank well said mate. Good point 

    • Haha yeah mate just trying to amuse myself on a fri night unwind. But really admire what uncle Wayne has going up here. 

      • Wayne's Fins will soon fall of their pedestal 

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