When the eels win 2020 premiership do you believe  it will be a worthy title? Few people believe this will be a fake competition as there was covid and reduced rounds . I think that whoever wins this year will be worthy winners . What do you guys think even commentators are saying we should have cancelled this year's competition. 

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  • Definitely a worthy title, for whoever ends up winning it. All 16 teams are competing under this new competition structure. So may the mighty eels win!!

  • If we win it will be if we don't win it won't be. 

  • Yes 100 percent worthy, this season is last man standing! Playing 20 rounds straight is a pure competition and who ever wins has earnt it. 

  • Roosters fans will say no. They will say it's unfair and propose they need salary sombrero relief. We even have some of them on 1Eyed to tell us directly.
    Storm fans have no grounds at all to complain about altered grounds of a competition.
    Penrith fans will have to quickly shelve their "triumph against adversity" slogans after losing to the Eels in the GF. 

    The rest are also-rans already so they just want 2021 to arrive. But Raiders will say it was all the bus trips and organize a strike against the Hume. No-one listens to Canberra so nothing happens. Knights are good little workers so they just move on, powerless against fate. Souths appreciate fairy tale comebacks so they send congrats.  Manly will moan no matter what. Manly would moan even if they won. Broncos would have already entered existential crisis mode after missing the 8 so their focus would be on stopping a second Brisbane team. Sharks would be off their head on something and not care. Tigers would be complaining that 9th is a curse. Dogs, Titans, Dragons, Cowboys would be in so much in-fighting they would not notice 

    • That is very very funny lol 

  • Who ever wins, it will be more than deserving, as long as the referees do not unduly influence the result !

  • Knights still claim the '97 Premiership even though there was only half a comp playing. 

    • The Broncos claim the 97 SL title even though they ran the competition for their own benefit 

  • Covid will be in the History books, so will the winner of NRL, AFL etc etc

    Personally I believe this year is the hardest on all Teams and Clubs - no fans no patrons 

    soooo absolutely worth winning the comp.

    • Yes and for other clubs who missed out on own home ground games to date .

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