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If Gutherson decides to leave and go back to the silver tails and settle to play out of position for a club that didn't want him so be it. 

If this happens he must move before June 30.  Move Fergo to 1 and bring in Gennings to the wing. 

Would we lose that much? Huh based on our results not that much.

We would save money and get a DWZ or someone else. 

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      • Personally I think he’ll stay. That’s all I’m gunna say about it. I have no information that no one else does though. 

      • Webby, why does he have to move before 30/6 ? he can sign a contract any time he likes.

  • What if he refuses to leave ?

  • When we first lost hayne I was gutted, but as a club we grew not to rely on hayne and performed better as a team making the top4 in 2017 and making the top8 in 2016 if we were not docked points, as the years progressed with out him as fans we learnt that players can be replaced. Nathan peats was another example but as years progressed we now have a gem in reed Mahoney. All players can be replaced and should not hold the club for ransom. Look at the Melbourne storm when they lost inglis everyone thought it was a even playing field yet they still performed at a top standard, then they lost cronk and everyone was curious to see how they were gona go yet they superseded expectations, and recently they lost slater yet they're still at the top of the ladder.

    Players can always be replaced.

    • When they lost Inglis they eere a million over the cap and they are still spending about a million more than any other club in third party deals. Storm are a bad example.

  • I hope he stays and everyone else leaves 

  • Manly to Kellyville .. how long’s that going to take in peak?

  • Manly would have to have space in their cap to accomodate him. I doubt they have.

    I'm inclined to not be too stressed about the whole thing until something is actually announced.

    He won't be booed at Bankwest if he is sent to Wenty and someone else takes his spot.

  • Manly won’t have the cash for him as they are using the money from Dylan walker to pay for him. Unless they agree to a trade but not sure if we want walker.

  • I'm sure manly would take him at the right price. It's just, well, I doubt they are dumb enough to pay spine level salary to a centre. One whom is not proven to be worth the cash in any position other than the one they already have covered.

    Its all about team balance and playing styles. Look at St George starting the season with three halves or Parramatta having too many players that are similar Terepo, Moeroa, Mau. They just get picked off, dominated or get in each other's way. Gutherson will be wasted at manly. He is not what they need at centre.

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