Idea,s on how we beat storm ?

Dirty bastards as we know . Will be a delight to see smith frustrated and smith under fire and bellamy getting the shits , how do we do that ? 

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    • This x 1000!!

      Look at the teams that unsettle Melbourne and it's because they don't try and beat them at their own game, they play an anti-Melbourne game.

      We will not beat Melbourne Storm at Melbourne Storm tactics. But Melbourne Storm tactics are absolutely beatable and given that they're a team that constantly plays from the front they can also get on the tilt like the Roosters did against the Rabbits if they get unsettled.

      I'm more than happy to go down swinging trying a tactic that has merit - I don't want to get slugged out of the game by Melbourne tactics's predictable as night becoming day. Go wide early, get them unsettled, kick early if they start to come up, keep the ball in their half and then be patient and play the percentages.

  • I believe Mel will go out wide yo their wingers early to put on quick early points. To try and take advantage of our weakest links . From memory I think they might have five that last time we played them .   Interesting read and not unnoticed regarding Flake erson not staying on his opposition number a few time on the weekend when Blake has the outside centre covered ..


    Lack of trust hurting Eels: Sterlo
    A lack of trust in defence between Blake Ferguson and Waqa Blake is hurting the Eels, club icon Peter Sterling says.
    • Brian Smith drummed it into the team when he coached them. Trust your inside man, you culd see it in the way they defended for each other. 

  • a. Play clinical footbal.

    b. Have patience, need to build up . Cannot score everytime.

    c. Reduce set restart to minimum.

    d. Believe in himself. Melbourne are group of players not a machine and they have been beaten. 

    e. Mosses kicking game has to be prime. 

    f Edge defence, God this is what I am worried. I am worried about SIVO more than BLAKE and BLAKE combination. 

    g. Shaun Lane, he has been lazy, he needs to get more involved. 

    h. No mistakes like high tackle, 10 m stuff...

    Lets bring the game to Melbourne doorstep and see how they fare. 

  • Was disappointed BA didn't blow up about lack of set restarts when given the opportunity at the Presser on Saturday night. They will be important against the Drizzle.

    Every grubby act in the NRL since the mid 2000s stems from Melbourne. I hope we kick them to kingdom come. They're the Bulldogs of the 21st century.


  •  I would try an ambush start for the first 30 minutes. A simple power game with the ball and a fast defensive line hitting hard with as many players in tackles as possible.  When kicking from our own half I would look for touch as much as possible. This eliminates them from attacking from broken play and gives our big boys a little rest before the next ambush. When attacking in their 20 metre zone I would be changing angles with players back on the inside and use the grubber to force line dropouts.

  • Use a Tommy Gun!

  • Its ALL BULLSHIT lads - all that tactical stuff means nothing

    The answer is SIMPLE - The entire Parra team has to WANT it more than Melb and have to be mentally and physically tougher, otherwise it aint gunna happen

  • Hit them all in the head and hope they all fail the concussion test. 

  • This game is shaping up like 2017 final where we played the perfect game only to go down by 2 points where storm got two tries they should've and we got denied a try we should of got. After that game a week later we were too flat to beat the cowboys. Seeing teams allowed to rest  up to 12 players on the weekend and get no salary cap breach do we do the same? Do we rest key players give the nrl the middle finger and even say in the media no point trying to beat the storm as we would have to beat the ref as well. The second week you would think we would be playing south's. We know what happened to the roosters last weekend so to have to come up against them being tired and 'flat' wouldn't be a good option. What you guys reckon?

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