Idea,s on how we beat storm ?

Dirty bastards as we know . Will be a delight to see smith frustrated and smith under fire and bellamy getting the shits , how do we do that ? 

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  • The Eels need to play uptempo and expansive football. 

    The Eels will not beat the Storm in a structured set for set game, they will aboslutely destroy us. If we chance our arm (we can as we have a second chance if we loose), get up off the line fast in both defence and attack, move the ball around, second phase plays, kick well on fith tackle, don't play desperation football and run them ragged, we have a chance. Anything outside of that and we are goneski's. 

  • 1. Our forwards need to get back to hunting like a pack, as we were early on in the season. Get that intimidation factor back. This is crucial.

    2. Stop the one out hit ups and provide options and support play to guys like Junior, Matto and those with offloads.  Use them.

    3.  Smart kicking game.  Glad to see MM vary his kicks last night and needs to do the same. Our halves need to run the ball more than they have been.

    4. FFS, what has to be done to fix the defence out wide. Either slide or don't but it is time to stop it the indecision.  Communicate.

    5. Eliminate the stupid penalties and set resets ( KANE EVANS, you are one of the main offenders ).

    6.  Remove Peni Terepos hand transplants from Kaufusi when he comes on. Get that dropped ball and fix your ball security issue and you are doing OK.

    7. Run direct and have players in support. Run direct and have players in support.  Run direct and have players in support.

    8.  Sivo needs to learn there other options to running over someone.  How about running lines, cutting inside and passing. Needs to be used smarter. That said, he need to pull his finger out and take some pressure off the forwards.

    9. Waqa Blake.  Communicate and learn to pass a football.

    10. The team has taken pride in its defence this year and yet, we still hve a tendancy to switch off and allow SOFT tries, let alone to issues  out wide.

    11.  Lift the enthusiasm with the kick chase.  It was good last night but has lacked for a few weeks before this.

    12.  Stop the silly errors at key moments which cost us in terms of momentum. MINDSET

    13.  Finally, smash the feckers off the park.  Vengeance and revenge is a great thing in sport. 


    This team is capable of doing it, they just need to execute.


    Yep, perfect world and yet simple stuff.  Rip in Eels!



    • Last few replies all on right track for me , getting hopes up without being to hopeful . 

    • The way to beat them is the same way the Panthers play

  • Drop Wonka Blake. He's shit. Shouldn't be in 1st grade.

    • BA hasn't dropped him all year.  As if he is going to drop anyone now?

  • How do stop Pap, Munster, olam and addo carr? No to mention Tino, Nelson, Kaufusi and the best ever player ref Cam Smith? We need a miracle.. Let's BA start playing mind games with hot head Bellamy by saying the drop should be a send offense and storm should stop coaching that tactic - then congratulate Bellamy on being the new coaching director for the broncos on the eve of a final it might rattle the storm squad 

    • Hahahahaha good call Mick....did you see how hot and bothered Bellamy became when asked if he had signed at the Broncos? Smoke was coming out off his ears.

      • Agree Bazza, I remember BA having a dig at Bellamy before the final in 2017 seemed like it worked - I definitely think Bellamy has introduced the hip drop tackle and BA should mention it this week, minds are our only hope. 

  • 1: We need a fair go from the refs, not a leg up, but just a fair go. 

    2: The middle, go through them, earn the right to go wide. 

    3: Defence out wide, OMG, our wingers are coached to play so tight, yet don’t have the pace to turn and cut off the attacking winger, they need to ease out wider, slide a bit sooner. 

    4: MM needs to find the turf and the sides with his kicks, don’t drop it down Paps throat all game.  

    5: Second phase, Paulo is the key and Gutho, MM, Smith et all need to trail him. 

    6: Luck and bounce of the ball.  

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