I saw your lights on and just thought I'd drop in.

Hi guys, been reading the forum for a while and just thought I should drop in and say hello. Yep, I'm another old bloke, I have been around long enough to witness all the Eels Premierships and old enough to have played at both the old Cumberland Oval and the old Parramatta Stadium (when it was the new stadium).  I actually had the plese ure of working with and playing with a couple of old Parra eels Players in Steve (wacker) Williams and  another forward wh'se suranme was Mann (Buggered if I can remember his christian name). I have been an Eels tragic for far to long, and while they haven't found a cure for being an eels tragic as yet, the new medication I'm on is working a treat and I haven't smashed the home television for at least 18 months (much to my wifes delight).

I'll do my best to try and add some balanced comments to the posts from now on.

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    • Played in 1977 Parramatta rugby team that won Sydney premiership.

    • John was a good forward. I remember in one of his first games he got tackled and laid on his back holding the ball up in the air just like in his RU days. I notice you have the same initials?


  • Same initials, maybe, don't know what his middle name was. JM, yes, but that's where the similarity finishes. Even back then, he was a couple years younger than me. I guess if he was playing for Parramatta Rugby Union, that was about the same time that Don Price would have been there.

    • Hey JWM.... notice you have no avatar yet.....can use one of my old ones if you like!


    • Big Steve Williams went over to Norths I think jwm? I don't know what happened to big Steve but he made more long range breaks and scored more tries than any prop I can remember. Any idea what happened to him and why he left?


  • Did you play first grade jwm? The only other JM I can think of is John Moran?

    • Is John Moran related to denis ? If he is I know mb your brother or uncle ? Uncle bill smith ? Wills grandpa?

  •  Yeah your right, big Steve Williams went to the Bears but didn't last long, his knees were buggered and he gave it away. He played a bit of social football a few years later, which is where I played with him. I struck him years later and he was a salesman at Penrith Toyota. I heard about a year later he was retired from the work force.

    No, never played grade, I was just a park footballer but played with and against a lot of ex grade players.


    • Did you play for or against Blacktown at any time jwm? Slugg on here had a long career with Blacktown and you may know him


      • Career!! LOL

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