Hypothetical - If we win, how would you feel?

Joey Johns declared a few weeks back that this years premiership will always have an astriix next to it, just like the Knights first premiership in 1997 when the Brincos were not apart of the comp. 

I'm not convinced that people think less of the knights 1997 premiership win. However,  I do think this years premiers may not enjoy the same level of prestige as winning it in normal circumstances. 

Personally, I will be very happy to win and don't care much for reducing the value of the comp due to Co-vid 19. There are still 16 clubs vieing for the one trophies.  

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  • It would be great to win but yeah it will have an Astrix

    Shorter season

    Change of rules

    Whoever wins will still have a tough job to win it.

    Personally i feel with the change of rules and the referee situation all points should be taken off and everyone start on zero.

  • I'd feel very overjoyed for all those that haven't experienced a premiership win, it's very nice. 

  • Any team than wins a premiership in a season that a major event has occurred or where the best teams have not been able to compete for whatever reason will always have a question mark .


    The Knights 97 premiership win has always had a question mark  by those other then Knights fans because it was a split comp and the same goes for  the Broncos premiership win in the same year , both teams won without Playing all the best teams .


    The Roosters premiership win in 2002 is known as a Claytons title because  the best team that year in the Bulldogs were wiped out of the competition, even roosters fans call it a Claytons title .



    We are in uncharted waters this year and players have to adapt to things that only a few months ago was unimaginable and some  players will adapt to the situation well while others won't , some clubs as a whole will adapt to the situation better than others  but this don't mean they are better teams or players because it is a once in a life time situation .




     Sure you will have fans of the club who ends up winning this year's comp celebrating and saying it means something but you will have just as many with the opposite view and this is the reason why this year's premier's will always have a question mark next to them . 





    • Try telling the knights fans or players of 97 that it was a title with a question mark! Most of those knights players made it for life off the back of that title and it's considered one of the best GF wins.

      Ricky Stuart has only won one comp and is still coaching almost 20 years later (without any of the shit Brian Smith used to cop) so I think that comp win has some credence. In fact a lot of people would have forgotten the dogs got stripped of points that season.

       You can only win the comp that's presented. In my opinion the only time a comp win has an asterisk, or more than an asterisk, is when the team winning the comp was cheating like the Storm did. 



  • Frankies point above about the 2002 winners got me thinking...if you went back over the last 20 years you could probably find a reason to put an asterix on any premier. Think about how many salary cap scandals there have been over the last 20 years.

    • Agreed, you could put an Asterix on just about any comp won in the game’s history, every season has a team or teams who were duded by referring mistakes costing them a top 4 position. Poor calls knocking out teams in finals games happens every season. 

      I agree with Fong regarding the Newcastle and Brisbane titles, competing in half a competition for a title does leave a massive Asterix next to their titles. The Roosters win in 2009 has a medium sized Asterix, they competed against all clubs and the Bulldogs were no certainties to win the comp. I would be happy to win that title.

       As for winning the Covid 19 comp? Any team winning this year’s title will have the standard small Asterix next to the title. All teams are competing, the competition is not weakened, every team will not have a home crowd cheering in the long term. 20 rounds are a fair crack at the title.

      The backend of the season should be back to normal, home crowds and home games. This season will be tough to win, the winner will deserve the trophy and possibly, could be more treasured than other seasons.

      It will be a weird season, but it is a level playing field, as SILLY OLD BARSTARD posted “you compete, you win so you should enjoy the victory”

       In my opinion, winning the comp this year will go down a deserved and genuine premiership with a small Asterix. The team who wins the comp will have extra motivation to go back to back to prove the disrupted premiership victory was deserved.

       I strongly believe we have the team to win the comp this year, we will only be stronger next season, I predict we go back to back making our Covid premiership further valid.

       Go you mighty Eels.


  • It won't feel as bad as our 2009 premiership!

  • UMMMMMMM - you compete, you win so you should enjoy the victory.

    Modified comp, interupted comp or any other excuse you can think of does not lessen the fact you played the game and you won.

    How many professional sports do we see won under modified conditions. Cricket would have to be the worst offender yet States, Countries and fans alike still celebrate the win as though the game was played in full.

    We win, then I will celebrate - Don't forget the Storm (and some media persons) stil celebrate and boast about ALL of thier GF successes.

  • Why would it be any different? It's only what, 2 less rounds than normal and it's got other issues involved which probably makes it somewhat harder such as the interruption, no crowds ( until that changes - which may happen before competition ends) I will still see it as a genuine competition.

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