How did Alvaro and G Jennings go?

I missed the game and the stats don't always tell the full story. Anyone take any interest in how our reserve graders went in the warriors win?

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        • Parra Tragic, did she take care of the end with the head or the end with the bottom?

      • Haha . I had a steering wheel on my dick once . It was driving me nuts . 

    • Alvaro was very poor and gave away a few 6 agains as he couldn't keep up with the flow. Jennings looked ok .
    • Alvaro will never play first grader for parra again....
  • Hey Snake my boy. Very clever giving Alvaro a name change. There's not much to smile about these days but that plastered Abigail smile on my face.

    • Foxy my girl! your post has put a smile on my face.

      Hope youve been well and keeping out of trouble, how you been?


      • Thank you Snake, my boy. I have been keeping out of mischief and I am well. No problems with this old girl. I'm still fighting fit.

        And how are you? I hope you are well too. 

        • Im very well Foxy, but id be a lot better after a mocha and a spot of wrestling with you, in front of an open fire with an eels game, if you promise to go gentle on me :).

          Stay safe, get home delivery groceries if needed to stay away from covid.


          • Sorry Snake son but I'm no good at any sort of games,so wrestling is out. Hated sport in high school. The only exercise I get is going for a walk or jumping up out of my lounge chair,either yelling at or cheering on the Eels. 

            • I love it when you call me son, Foxy.


  • Both guys did there jobs and played great for the Warriors.

    I believe now there not getting the spoon I actually think they are turning the corner.

    With everything they've been through.I can't recall a team that's had this much disruption.Players top players calling it a day halfway through the season the coach being fired.Being away from home the whole season.

    If the Warriors can't build off off this there screwed.

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