Heartland Motors Castle Hill


This is at Heatland Motors at Castle Hill. They have a huge flag flying and also a shite load of cars with eels banners on their windows. Not sur if any body has seen

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  • Love it 

  • Over in the Eastern Suburbs I can report that is a sea of Blue and Gold .and not a Riff flag in sight ... mainly in support of the Ukraine! Suprisingly ... My Son played golf at Byron Bay yesterday and the pro shop was all decked out Parra to win !

    • Fan fest today in Martin Place 80% Eels fans 20% Riff fans, which prompted Ivan Cleary to say 'they've come out of the wood work' with a grin.

      if you watch the highlights as both teams stood in front of the crowd all you could see was blue and gold, then the parra chant in full voice.

      Fire up malakas!!!

  • It's so good hey, just down the road from my work and see it everyday on the way to work 👌

    • Agree Xman. I work in Gladestone Rd

      • We are on Solent circuit off norwest boulevard 

  • Unreal .. best thing about Parra making a GF. The Place comes alive. 

  • Yeah Heartland have had that huge Eels flag up for about 2 months now

  • Walking around the shops around the Central coast people out in Eels gear myself included flags on cars it warms the heart.

    • I live in regional Victoria. My neighbour and wife are Eels fans like I am. I have a Parramatta jersey that is signed by Peter Sterling that I won on a Trivial Pursuit night in Parramatta many years ago. I'll hang it in my kitchen window Sunday morning (hope I'm not being a jinx for them) and if/when they win,I'll wear it around town. There are quite a few Eels fans where I live so I won't be out of place. Go you good things. GO THE EELS.

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