Gut Feeling Prediction

I know that there are many disappointed Eels fans at the moment and I certainly don't want to add to the misery or dejection but what is your current gut feeling as to what will unfold this year in terms of possible changes:

1) The current coach will remain and see out his contract until end of 2022 regardless of results or finals appearances.

2) The current coach will be asked to leave at end of 2021 and Flangan or another coach will be assigned for 2022 onwards.

     * This will result in exodus of some players due to their dedication to current coach

3) The current coach will be given another extension for 1 or 2 years.

4) Something else and if so explain.

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              • It's always been an unspoken rule since Jack Gibson first got Ron Massey. When coaches started negotiating to have it written into their contracts would've been when they went full time or thereabouts. No doubt somewhere along the line a club forced their choice of assistants on to a coach and ended poorly.

                Yes there is a coaches association, although the ARLC doesn't "officially" recognise it the way they do the players or referees unions. It's less of a Union and more of an advisory body. 

                It's all in negotiation. In case you hadn't noticed there are very few quality coaches out there, even though there's only 16 head coach gigs, at any given time there's only one or two coaches available. Quality head coaches can pretty much write their own deals. Let's remember the awful contract that we gave to Ricky Stuart. 

                In a regular workplace yes you would be right, but in pro sports the head coach is a special case because of the profile and the importance of the role. For us plebs, yes we work where and with who we're told because we have no leverage, guys like Bennett, Bellamy and yes even BA have earned the right to dictate terms. 

                That's why you've got to make a clean break. Because the coach has so much power. 

                • BA's time at the club as head coach, would have to be near the top of the ledger of someone coming into the position when all the crap that has gone on with the eels, boards, courts and player issues, to name just a few of the huge storms that he has faced over the times, including during through the review process, that included the financial areas that were under investigations which had him for at least one season with no assistants. Part of his defence with the interum bosses such as Bernie Gurr and Max was the lack of assistants.  BA was under pretty big stresses as to his future at that time, with none of it his fault rather those who were outed as results of the investigations and why they were removed and not permitted to hold positions with the club.

                  What, he also did at the time, also I would suggest not much different today either was to accept a lower salary for the benefit of the club going forward, and If I understand correctly he is still one of the lower paid head coaches in the NRL.

                  The one big thing with him is his dedication to the eels, which includes his position/job to his players, and his staff. Following the big interview and BA was required by the board at the time, he had to give account and present his credentials along with future vision for the club, what he submitted was accepted and the board overall saw his resume as such, being of note that the board saw that BA was the right person for the head coaches job going forward.

                  At that time also, there were no paid assistants, I understand that he did have some "off the cuff" help. Once back in with his appointment, the board saw the need for assistants, and I don't know who were the primary ones with him but Murph was one, along with Kidwell who came late in the season. IIRC.

                  One big thing with BA is that is very loyal to his players, the club and all who are in charge, there was some talk that went on to indicate that when BA's coaching time came up and meant he was stepping down there was on offer a post coaching role for him in the Pathways/junior development areas, something that I believe he will excell at, as he has worked with the juniors for years and a passion for the young players.

                  How much abuse has he copped from how many so called eels fans (not true supporters) over the years, yet we as a club still sit in a fairly good spot on the ladder, most members of any club in the NRL, he has also been well involved in the push towards the centre of excellence at Kelllyville.

                  Here's my hope for 2022, that BA, stepps down as Head Coach, and moves into a role that works in the player & local jnr development area, the question though that stands out is who would replace him?  There are very few coaches that are of sufficient standards and quality that are out there, while there are some ex head coaches that are now assistants at other clubs. The problem as I see it is, should BA step down, who takes over and what would that person bring to the club?

                  • And still the question remains who replaces BA?

                    • That's for the club to do it's due diligence and find the best option.  BA has 5 games to turn things around and try and save his job.

                    • Its not just the coach/BA issue and same with the players. The position the club is in ATM, is not good, and  Gutho spray to Opi is not a good sign, it shows that there is tension in the whole team, which if not addressed by all in the club, all the players and coaching staff need to be open and honest in addressing the internal conflicts, if its not resolved prior to the next game, then  there will be some players leave as a consequence.

                      I have seen what are deemed honesty sessions work exceptionaly well, every person/player & coach has to say their piece & in a very open and honest way, the key to the resolution of any problems, big or small is to be open and honest, also to be frank in any issues that are seen. Sometimes when its just between two people, its quite easy having them make a peace, when all the cards are on the table.

                      Over my working years, I have seen mates end up ready to all but strangle each other, some I have seen where one of the protagonists seems not ready to give an inch in what is seen as a bit dispute, and between two fella's who worked together for some years, but a very minor issue took place that ended up coming to blows, and they had to be seperated, after some cooling off, an agreement was reached for a trained person in conflict resolution was brought in, and it took 20 minutes and all was resolved, in that case it was caused by a case of complete misunderstanding, and dumb at that

            • The simplest and best solution is to just move on, the club needs make tough decisions.  Being there abouts doesn't cut it anymore.

      • BA should accept it or leave. If he wants to leave, he will be joining a very shit club.

    • bennets available muttman


  • Surely madge gets fired and tigers offer ba a contract. 

  • It's apparent that the coach is really out of his depth and can't seem to take the team any further. However, because of his close connection with the board and certain players I really can only see him at least completing his contract until end of 2022. Its quite depressing really to have to put up for another season of the 'collision' mentality. I just can't see any way out of this current mess unless the coach and players are able to do a complete 360 and turn things around which seems highly unlikely. 

    I see Manly actually more of threat than the Roosters at overtaking the Eels on the ladder. The Eels have a very challenging run to the finals and its hard to see them winning many of these remaining games. Seriously even the return of Mitch Moses doesn't give one to much over confidence. 

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