Grounding the Ball - Try Interpretation

Just wondering what are others thoughts on the rule of 'Grounding the Ball interpretation for scoring a try' The reason I ask is that some of the tries I've witnessed lately over the past few seasons and in particular this year are somewhat dubious in comparison with years ago. It appears it's getting that way if a player even looks at the Ball it's grounded. There is no more real emphasis on firm downward pressure on the ball. Why, even a finger tip is acceptable.

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  • Don't get me started on it, Monto, it's a complete joke at the moment. Grounding the ball with wrists and forearms when it's clearly left the hand. They've lost the plot with this rule. Then tonight I see a bloke clearly short of the line with 3 defenders holding him, he has a 2nd movement to get the ball over the line and it's a try, dead set, the rule book has been thrown out.


    • Saw it too. It's deplorable. Some of the great older league players like Ray Price and Co must be laughing at some these tries. 

    • If you’re referring to CNK’s first try, his arm carrying the ball never touched the ground and there was always momentum in the tackle. Fair try IMO. 

  • Downward pressure is downward pressure. The rule book doesn’t specify how much, just that it needs some sort of downward pressure.

    The problem has been since the introduction of the video ref, it analyses it to the Nth degree.


  • Grounding of the ball imo is controlled grounding with the hands , hand forearm grounding is uncontrolled imo

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