• He is a Dog mate. Always was always will be.

    What did you expect. The guy loves the pricks. You can see it. As Robert Lloyd said he is their Guarding Angel.

    • Its leaves a sour taste in my mouth, n i dont think its a good idea for everyone to see him in there.
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    • No, but he could be in breach of the NRL Code of Conduct (assuming they have one what with their official blaming our ballboy).

      I don't think anybody in his position should be associated like that with any one club. Conflict of interest.

      Was he in the Bunnies dressing room celebrating with them?  No, I didn't think so.

  • Once a dog, always a dog
  • Benedict ur rite no laws broken, but if u ask the other clubs its not great viewing
  • Big mistake - too biased!!
  • Word is that he was there for more than just a hug with "the boys".

  • And let's not forget that the NRL are clamping down on player misconduct.  Greenburg should have known that this would be viewed as a conflict of interest.

    Remember how they banned Todd Carney over something that wasn't intended for public viewing?!!!

  • Apparently he was in the sheds congratulating the Rabbitohs players too.

    Probably reading too much into this.
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