For some! This year we are all the same age. We are all the same---erk!!

Take the year you were born ans add to it how old you are. The answer will be 2019!! For examle I am 86 years old and I was born in 1933. Add the to gether and the answer is 2019! For everyone! This comes from the mystical valleys of old Welsh folk lore---The Lloyds are related to these weidoes--- much to my chraing. But to be happy we have won sonething this year!! Wont the TCT fantisize about that.

If you want nore of these momentus trueths from the ilse of yore it will cost you big money---real big.

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  • Great stuff champ. Can't argue with your logic. 

    As an aside, Robert, you would have been a young lad when the Eels formed, what made you choose us? 

    It's been quite a ride, with few joys, but it's great to see long-time supporters.

    • Hell On  Eels : It is odd  that you ask that question because I have visited it from time to time. I was a teenager going to watch the junior league  home matches at Liverpool. It was the first time I began to notice the girls! I noted that they turned up with their family every second Sunday which I looked forward to--I was getting a little smile from time to time!.Then a cloud came across my sunny sky. The crowds began to drop off because Parramatta had entered the competition in 1947 and the fans preferred to watch first grade league. That included my smiling young blond. I hated Parramatta for that. Some of my mates asked to go and watch Parramatta. We did that the next Sunday and I went for the other side! Of course the other side won and I was happy for that. I notice the Parramatta crowd was noisy and abusive of the referee.We went several more times with the same result and I was happy.I started to wonder why they were down on the referees. So the next time I looked more  at Parramatta than the other team which I was hoping would win. And sure enough the crowd was right, the home side was getting bum calls from the refs. This was unfair so I joined in and gave the refs a blast along with the home crowd. From then on I followed  Parramatta trying to right a wrong. This was year 1949. I never saw my smiling blond ever again but I had what came the Eels to follow.

      • You really are a romantic Robert, I give you that......otherwise you are up there with the rest of us Silly Old Bastards i.e some older than others.....Sir Col is the oldest at 103, I assume Mapper's died, he was 105 when he last posted.

        Great story by the way!

  • Good on you Robert, always been one of my favourite contributors on 1eyedeel. 

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