Good Hodgson start

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  • I'm so excited to see the influence he has on our team in this coming season. That was a good read, thanks for sharing 

    • I thought for a minute 

      hope there's not too many cooks in the kitchen 😬

      can't help but worry 🙄

      • I think he should be given sole captaincy, too many cooks and a lack of genuine leadership has been a problem in the past few years amongst this current group.

        • You cannot say that Adam until you see what chemistry he has with the players and staff. Then you need to see what noses would be put out by such a move and also the value of his being part of a leadership group, rather than the actual leader.

          Leaders need to consider and evaluate, Hodgson from what I can see and realistically I don't know is the sort of player I would go to get his views and make sure he is part of the thinking and understanding.

          Lets consider for example that the coach thinks that Gutherson is an outstanding leader, the only reason people on here think otherwise is they are led by the goose brigade......

          Over time and with appropriate assimiliation it may happen that Hodgson becomes the captain, he would have to show extraudinary skils to walk into the captaincy from a preseason training background and likely only ever playing 60 minutes or so. 

          Don't forget that Paulo's ratings as a leader have gone up enormously from his WC experience leading Samoa.

          • Having the C  next to the players name won't make a difference, didn't Moses tell Gutho to fuck off? No big deal in the heat of the moment but read between the lines - Hodgo is an alpha I doubt any player in our squad would  challenge him for that matter. Josh is a leader and playing in hooker position makes him the most influential player in the team ahead of Gutho - Josh won't have the captaincy but I'm sure the players know an alpha has arrived.

            • As long as they see the advantages 

              mb only gen x get threatened by new blood 🤔🤣🤣

              • Haha Carlo whats happened to MB? he hasn't posted for a while

                • Yeh I dunno 

                  hope he is ok - he might be off grid for orf seezun 🤔I can pm him


            • I think any sense of doubt needs to be removed as to who the leader is. We can't have the existing co-captain structure and then have Hodgson in an unofficial capacity to the side. For mine there have long been concerns over Gutho's captaincy and composure and it won't help matters (in fact it will be detrimental in my view) if there is yet another voice trying to take charge of the team. I think that scenario will end up being a power struggle and a dogs breakfast.

              • X10000 could be v tricky 

                but good team harmony if gutho ( who has healthy ego) is replaced w a newbie 🤔

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