Good, Bad or Ugly?

How do you think the new Warriors coach Nathan Brown (not the Eels player) will go at the Warriors? Will he be Good, Bad or Ugly? he didnt have much success in his other 2 NRL coaching jobs, so I wonder why they (The Warriors) selection panel chose him?

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    • Wasn't it Ivan Cleary who had relatively good success at the Warriors some years back?

  • I think he will help assemble a better squad, and three years later he will be gone. He has basically pigeon holed himself as a Mr Fix It for clubs who've hit the rocks and he will probably build a nice career doing so.

  • I think he's actually a better coach than what the results in NZ may show. I know his old man fairly well and he was a great player, captain and coach in bush footy. He was named Coach of the Century at 2 clubs, South Grafton and Lower Clarence. Thats no mean feat, so it's in his blood. Not sure the Warriors gig isn't a poisoned chalice though, they just don't seem to be able to assemble a squad with any consistency. I like Browny, I hope he goes well, except against the Eels.


    • His job will be similar to what he did at Newcastle. Tear it down, promote & teach a bunch of kids, nick the odd value recruit & wear the losses as a badge of honour. It was interesting to note that Gus referred to him as "the right coach for the Warriors now". Clearly Gus doesn't see him as their long term coach.

  • Put it this way, if he was Parramatta's coach I would be depressed.

    • Yes, because that would mean that our roster was in such horrible shape we needed Nathan Brown to come in and fix it.

  • I heard that the Walker brothers offered to coach them on a one year contract which would have given them a chance to showcase their less conservative unorthodox philosophy in the NRL. I love watching rugby league but I think it is too predictable in many ways. I think the Walker brothers' concentration on getting their players trying to have more passing in each play thus maintaining possession for longer periods in each set in an effort to tire out the opposing team and taking less conservative options at drop outs and kick offs and other more positive ideas of attacking might lead to a more exciting brand of rugby league. The Warriors would seem to me to be an ideal fit for that kind of playing philosophy and if they adopted it and had success with that style it might influence other teams to play more flamboyantly. NRL coaches love stealing ideas and styles from other coaches so it could catch on quickly.

    However, it appears that most clubs with coaching vacancies are extremely reluctant to consider the brothers as a serious coaching option which is a pity. I'd love to see a more expansive philosophy adopted in the greatest game of all. I'd love to see the Walker boys get a gig in the NRL.



  • The Warriors issues aren't the top team per say.

    Its the decisions made around it and the talent that is identified that plays for it.

    Biggest mistake Nathan Brown can do as a coach is make the Warriors into something they are not.Shit for brains Kearney and many a coach before him continually tried to turn them into how the Aussies teams play .In short the Warriors need to play Warrior footy not some incarnation of the Storm and alike.

    The Gould factor could be huge for the Warriors if tapped correctly. I think he will identify and clear the pathways that are cluttered in NZ rugby league right now.In short the sport is dying a death by a thousand cuts here.

    In the talent stakes the Warriors have always gone for the bigger stronger faster kids and have let many a footy player go by the wayside.I mean Dylan Brown for god sake was from AKLD.RTS sat in a AKLD Blues rugby development team before the Roosters snagged him.This sort of thing has gone on for decades in NZ this is where the Gould factor setting up the pathways and centre for excellence could really help not just the Warriors but league across the Pacific that's the bigger picture. - contact with domain owner |
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  • I played against Browny in under 16's and 18's etc. and he was an okay footy player, but should never have played NRL imo.

    His father is / was a coach and friends with Tony and Brian Smith, all of whom are from Maclean.

    Nathan got a gig because of these contacts. He has the pedigree to be a good coach, well...better coach than footballer.

    • Nathan Brown was a very good NRL player, a clever and skillful hooker who played 172 games for St George and he would have played a lot more if he had not suffered a career ending neck injury when he was only 27 years old.

      His contacts with Brian Smith may have helped him get a start with the Dragons but his undeniable ability kept him there for 8 or 9 seasons.

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