Slightly less fat Trell returns for the bunnies tonight after being Biden's biatch during his sick leave. Will Trell have an impact on the sook of the NRL in Code D Walker? Will Cook fire up the barbecue, or will the rabbits head south further and quicker than a MAFS star's undies on wedding night?

For the Eels, Matterson is out but if the Eels are serious about a title challenge they need to win these games. The boys need to get off their line quickly, niggle Mitchell early and get in Walker's face and pressure his kicks. Their young half is low in confidence and Dylbro and Moses need to keep it that way.

It should be a great game.

So, who wins and by what margin?


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      • Yep, the media rarely ride BA but that will change soon - the draw is difficult and missing the 8 is a possibility 

  • Smart teams slide in defense in the wet.

    Parramatta tactics say jam in the wet, jam in the dry.

    Just jam, baby!

    Jam all the way! 

    • Yep. When we get stripped out wide again and again, what do we do, jam it baby, jam it all the way. Hasn't worked for 7 years, maybe next week? 

  • BA presser. - we had no field position and some players just arnt owning their job each week. It comes down to player accountability, and it  comes down to working together which some blokes arnt.

    Gutho - we didnt play the style we wanted to - it was dissapointing.

    • I heard a bunch of words. Blah blah blah. I'm not interested in words. We want actions. Take your words and keep them. 

      • Accountability- BA's worst trait and one he just has to improve. Hold underperforming players Accountablle, and send them back to Reggies. A stint running around Wenty is in order.

        Ive stood up many times for BA, but for god sake please grow some F#$%^7N balls and make a statement that underperforming players are dropped, there just have to be consequences.  I dont care how much they are on $$, if their playing shit, F#$k em off for a while.

        Dont be as weak as a runny thickshake and sack some of these blokes, stop holding their hands and kissing their asses, sack some for a couple of weeks and send the message.  

        God id love a real captain and a real xfactor about now.

    • Both are delusional 

  • Frak me, Gutho repeats what BA said at half time, thinking in the first half they "defended really well". He thinks "turning Souths away on 4-5 sets" was the Eels defending really well, when in fact the Bunnies were just unlucky about 3-4 times, missing a try by a final dropped bal or wayward pass or a cm out of play. It was NOT the Eels defense. 

    This continual fantasy that the Eels defensive woes are just isolated to random parts of individual games, and not reflective of a structurally flawed defensive system, are why talk of moving BA on won't die down. 

  •  We tried to play like it was dry and was downhill from Moses hospital pass to ice early.  We handed over the ball while going sideways and gave away field position over and over as well as only forcing a drop out midway through the 2nd half.  Add in poor kick choices and we were never going to win.

    Rabbits completed sets perfect early and built pressure so they could afford to play footy on our line where we tried playing midfield and making errors leading to more field position for the rabbits.  Even when we had opportunity to kick deep and build pressure Moses did a midfield bomb and a grubber.  Along with a few kicks dead and Mahoney kicking it straight into Johnston going for 40/20 when it wasn't on it meant every set rabbits pinned us down our own end.

    Once the scoreboard blew out with the intercept try we only got worse chasing points.  Wet weather footy is pretty basic, play it at the other end and force drop outs and mistakes which is exactly what rabbits did. We beat the storm in wet weather doing just that.  We didn't do anything towards that tonight so that falls straight at senior players, captain and halves.

    We need a  better onfield leader next year and hopefully Hodgson is that player if he stays fit

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